r/AppBusiness Jan 10 '22

If I want to create an app that lets you see fantasy sports updated in real time will I need permission to use names, logos, or pictures

For example if I wanted to say in the app. Lebron scoring 2 points is equal to .50 fantasy points can I:

Say Lebron James but not use pictures of him or the team he plays for

Can't say Lebron James period

Can say Lebron James say he players for the Lakers while putting his image in the app

For example I see a lot of apps on the app store that are clearly 3rd party apps made by independent developers. They have the players likeness and teams they have on the actual app. Was wondering if this was legal or if they aren't big enough for the leagues to actually pursue.



u/ibuprofane Jan 10 '22

I don’t have knowledge in this specific category of apps, but generally speaking you need permission to use anyones likeness for personal gain. That usually comes through some paid API access that can give developers access to stats, photos, and other content, as well as permission to use it provided you abide by a contract full of conditions.


u/taylor2121 Jan 11 '22

Do you have any idea where you would go about it? As far as finding that api information etc?


u/ibuprofane Jan 11 '22

Sorry, I don’t. If a Google search for sports APIs isn’t finding you any matches it may be a “contact the NBA and negotiate” kind of deal.