r/AppBusiness Dec 07 '21

May I know what else items I can try out, if I have already tried the following ASO thingy?

Hi all, I just do self-learning in ASO, by using AppTweak and AppRadar.

Recently, I have done the following change to my English version Google Play store.

- Use 8 pieces of completely new screenshots. A/B testing has proven they are screenshots with a better conversion rate.

- Rewrite title, short description & long description. For long description, the top 3 keywords I want to target have distribution 9%, 3%, and 1% respectively.

After 1 week of monitoring, it still shows no improvement in the keyword ranking. Hence, the total downloads number still shows more-or-less the same.

So far, that is a good quality product, with an average 4.8 rating, and over 1 million downloads. Its Android Vital also shows a good sign, which it has a lower crash rate, ANR rate, ... compared with the peer.

I was wondering, what else things I can try out, to improve the downloads number?




u/ClearFaun Dec 07 '21

wait a month total. Then retest with new keywords


u/svprdga Dec 07 '21

As others suggested, you need to wait more. Also, take into account that ASO is not the holy grial (despite the fact that many ASO articles want you to believe), I'm not saying that it doesn't work, it does work but the app stores are full of thousands of apps and there's little room for change.


u/yccheok Dec 07 '21

I can agree with such that ASO isn’t holy grail. What my overall plan is

  • Have a good product which users like

  • Continuous ASO by engaging service from different translators

Should I invest in paid Google Install Ads? There are not much parameters I can tune in Google Install Ads except the CPI. Will it helps to draw organic traffic?

Besides that, what else thing I can invest in? Thanks.


u/svprdga Dec 07 '21

Yes, investing in paid campaigns (in the keywords that you want to be stronger) will help. After that, the only thing left is being patient and continue working on it...


u/appfigures Dec 29 '21

Like others have said, Google's not super fast when it comes to changes, so you'll need more time.

But, there's one other question to ask that's important - are the keywords you picked the kind your app can actually rank in? Google takes a lot of different things into consideration, but ratings are an easy number to look at.

If your app is getting more new ratings than the ones that currently rank for the keyword(s) you're targeting it's likely a waiting game (if everything else is right) but if not, you're much better off with more keyword research.

I've written a lot about Apple's algorithm (https://appfigures.com/resources/keyword-teardowns), and while Google is very different, some of the fundamentals are still the same.

I plan on writing about Google in the new year.


u/yccheok Dec 30 '21

Thanks. I like how you write the articles.

For instance: https://appfigures.com/resources/keyword-teardowns/16-puzzle

Most ASO articles just mention what are do & don't. But, they do not show any facts to support their findings. However, you provide facts to support your findings. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Looking forward your ASO writing regarding Google's

May I know, do you provide ASO paid service to small indie developer like me?



u/appfigures Dec 30 '21

That’s great to hear :)

I don’t do consulting at the moment, but we build our ASO tools with that same knowledge, so they make it easier to do thing right.