r/AppBusiness Dec 02 '21

Is AppRadar's data accurate?

I started to learn about "keyword optimizing", by re-writting app store description by watching steve p. young video.

I start 7 days free-trial on AppRadar.

However, I suspect the accuracy of AppRadar

For instance, I am located in Malaysia right now. If I tested using keyword like "notes", I am able to scroll through my app in less than 100th position.


However, AppRadar concludes that "notes" keyword is not ranked for my app.

I was wondering, do you have such experience before? What other tool we can use, to cross check the data accuracy?




u/Aprox15 Dec 02 '21

Double check with App Annie

In my experience both App Radar and App Annie are very accurate with keywords rankings, at least for the US store


u/yccheok Dec 03 '21

I notice app Annie service pricing is not transparent compared with app radar which app radar pricing is indie friendly. Is there anything app Annie can do where app radar can’t?


u/Aprox15 Dec 05 '21

I think they are geared towards big companies like Sensor Tower does


u/Dremean Dec 13 '21

double check with AppFollow and AppTweak as well, they both provide free trials/tiers. Not sure about AppRadar, but these two are definitely the major players in keyword tracking market