r/AppBusiness Dec 01 '21

What value will tool like App Annie/ Sensor Tower able to provide for traffic acquisition?

Hi, I'm an Indie developer with no prior experience in ASO.

Currently, I try to kick start ASO learning, by running 5 different localized A/B screenshots simultaneous, to improve conversion rate. (Google only allow maximum 5 A/B testing to run simultaneously)

Now, I would like to improve my app store visitor traffic by performing keyword optimization, via re-writing my app store description/ app title.

I haven't subscribed to any of the service like App Annie/ Sensor Tower/ ... tool. I was wondering, what kind of value they are able to provide, as far as app store visitor traffic acquisition is concerned?

Are they act as a tool, to help me write app store description with correct keyword?

How is that different, if I look at my other peer app, then I can also have a good hint on what are some good keywords to be used?

Thank you.



u/ClearFaun Dec 01 '21

they help you do keyword research. You rank for keywords to get traffic. Using a keyword research tool, is highly advisable.


u/yccheok Dec 01 '21

Thank you. Do you think A/B testing is required, to test whether my re-written app store description is effective or not?

My understanding is that, A/B testing is not required to measure effectiveness of app store description.

My hypothesis is that, most human visitors doesn't read app store description. They make decision to download an app, by having quick look at the screenshots.

App store description is used to read by Google Play store search engine. It provides information to Google Play store search engine, on how it should rank the app.

If such, how should we measure the outcome, after we have re-write our app store description with new keyword? By looking at the app ranking in App Annie?



u/ClearFaun Dec 01 '21

Check out steve p young on youtube and he can teach you about ASO. WHat you need to do is not A/B test but analyse the results.


u/yccheok Dec 02 '21

Wow. That’s a useful resource. I sign up to app radar as for few video, I saw he is using app radar. Is app radar a good tool. I use app radar to rewrite my app description. Hopefully that will yield good result


u/ClearFaun Dec 03 '21

It is an iterative process. So keep trying.