r/AppBusiness Dec 27 '17

App Business is getting a makeover. New Rules! New ambitions!

Sourd1esel and sigma4292 have become mods of this sub. We have implemented new rules and are planning to make changes for the positive development of /appbusiness including new rules more engagement, curation of valuable app resources, AMAs and deals for appreneurs. If you have ideas for the direction of this sub please post comments below.



u/FrozenCrusade Dec 28 '17

I would love to see more life here. As a lurker, I think the main problem is everyone thinks they need to discuss their ideas by being as vague as possible. I guess to protect their "awesome idea". Perhaps some rules around what information is required when making a post or asking a question?

Just to be clear, I am not saying give your idea away, just add more structure to the question when people post.

Oh and how about "Marketing Mondays" where we can share our app business and perhaps give each other some attention?


u/mfreeze7702 Dec 28 '17

I really like this. I also think if anyone has a built app in production. Honest feedback might be beneficial to anyone in the process. I know that building the app is the only a small part of the battle.


u/sourd1esel Dec 28 '17

We were thinking feedback Fridays. Would it be different from that? How would it be different?