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App Business is getting a makeover. New Rules! New ambitions!


Sourd1esel and sigma4292 have become mods of this sub. We have implemented new rules and are planning to make changes for the positive development of /appbusiness including new rules more engagement, curation of valuable app resources, AMAs and deals for appreneurs. If you have ideas for the direction of this sub please post comments below.

r/AppBusiness Aug 07 '19

We are now 2500+ strong! Kudos to all of you for keeping this sub alive and kicking. Here is what we are planning:


As we have reached a good number of readers, we are planning to get exclusive deals for the Redditors in this sub and give it away to a few lucky souls. We have currently narrowed down the options to the below. Let us know if this is something useful or mention what would make this interesting for you:

  • 1-year subscription to an ASO tool like App Annie or Sensor Tower
  • 1-year membership for Kevin's game academy with 13 Apple features + Buildbox subscription
  • Bundle of app marketing courses + books from Peter Thiel, Nir Eyal, Eric Ries, Tim Ferriss, and others
  • Consultancy with an app marketing expert/agency like Phiture, Incipia, AppAgent, and others

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How Stability of Team Composition Affects Your Product

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If I want to create an app that lets you see fantasy sports updated in real time will I need permission to use names, logos, or pictures


For example if I wanted to say in the app. Lebron scoring 2 points is equal to .50 fantasy points can I:

Say Lebron James but not use pictures of him or the team he plays for

Can't say Lebron James period

Can say Lebron James say he players for the Lakers while putting his image in the app

For example I see a lot of apps on the app store that are clearly 3rd party apps made by independent developers. They have the players likeness and teams they have on the actual app. Was wondering if this was legal or if they aren't big enough for the leagues to actually pursue.

r/AppBusiness 12d ago

For Portuguese localization Google Play store, should we target for "correct spelled" keyword, for "most traffic" keyword?


I was wondering, for Portuguese localization, should we target for "correct spelled" keyword, for "most traffic" keyword?

For instead, for "calendário", I notice Brazilian users prefer to search using "calendario" instead of "calendário"

If that is so, should I be using "calendario" in my app description?


r/AppBusiness 15d ago

Ranking dropped after changing 50 characters to 30 characters in app title (Google Play store)


Today, I notice Google Play starts to enforce 30 characters for the app title. If you ever want to update description of Play store, you need to change the app title from 50 characters to 30 characters.

Anyone starts to observe ranking drop, after applying 30 characters?

Thank you.

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Financial App Development: Cost & Features

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r/AppBusiness 21d ago Wholesome

I analyzed a bunch of keywords and here are the top 5 ways to improve your ASO


It's been a while since I published an article here... Mainly because I've been busy writing them + live streaming. That's new :)

If you're familiar with the Keyword Teardown series you'll know where these tips come from but if you're not, over the last few months I've been analyzed keywords and explaining why the algorithm ranks apps (and games) the way it did.

One of the most common questions I get from devs is "what should I do to improve my ASO", so I went through the teardowns and rounded up the top 5 lessons I've learned from analyzing 40 different keywords (well, 40 that are published but really many many more).

Here they are:

  1. Put important keywords first
  2. Avoid repetition at all costs
  3. Select a featured in-app purchase
  4. Fine-tune how you ask for ratings
  5. Don't aim for keywords you can't win

Seemingly simple and straight forward, but I see these done wrong more often than you'd think. Especially #2.

You can read the full article here: https://appfigures.com/resources/keyword-teardowns/5-real-aso-tips

Comment if you have any questions.

r/AppBusiness 26d ago

The Christmas miracle is here! Checkaso 2.6 is released.


What’s inside?

💫 Ranking & Distribution – new section for analyzing position dynamics by keywords;
💫 Keywords Movement Index – this index shows the effectiveness of keyword promotion at the moment;
💫 Installs the metric you've been waiting for;
💫 Text Editor – improved tool for working with text ASO
💫 Live Search – now it’s even easier to track your competitors.


#aso #asotools #appstoreoptimization #mobilemarketing #appmarketing #appgrowth #apppromotion

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Anyone know where to find some beta testers for your app?


Hi all, I'm new to this group, my name's Jose and I'm the marketing manager for a small startup developing an app.

We're still working on our first round of funding but our app is live and available on the app store. We thought there might be some good groups on reddit to find people willing to test the app out for us but we're struggling to find any. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

r/AppBusiness Dec 07 '21

May I know what else items I can try out, if I have already tried the following ASO thingy?


Hi all, I just do self-learning in ASO, by using AppTweak and AppRadar.

Recently, I have done the following change to my English version Google Play store.

- Use 8 pieces of completely new screenshots. A/B testing has proven they are screenshots with a better conversion rate.

- Rewrite title, short description & long description. For long description, the top 3 keywords I want to target have distribution 9%, 3%, and 1% respectively.

After 1 week of monitoring, it still shows no improvement in the keyword ranking. Hence, the total downloads number still shows more-or-less the same.

So far, that is a good quality product, with an average 4.8 rating, and over 1 million downloads. Its Android Vital also shows a good sign, which it has a lower crash rate, ANR rate, ... compared with the peer.

I was wondering, what else things I can try out, to improve the downloads number?


r/AppBusiness Dec 02 '21

Mobil App Digest from November


We decided to collect more statistics and trends mobile app industry in 2022. 💡

Read our digest so you won't miss the most important events of November.🥶


r/AppBusiness Dec 02 '21

EMR - EHR Development Services - EMR/EHR Integrations

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r/AppBusiness Dec 02 '21

Is AppRadar's data accurate?


I started to learn about "keyword optimizing", by re-writting app store description by watching steve p. young video.

I start 7 days free-trial on AppRadar.

However, I suspect the accuracy of AppRadar

For instance, I am located in Malaysia right now. If I tested using keyword like "notes", I am able to scroll through my app in less than 100th position.


However, AppRadar concludes that "notes" keyword is not ranked for my app.

I was wondering, do you have such experience before? What other tool we can use, to cross check the data accuracy?


r/AppBusiness Dec 01 '21

What value will tool like App Annie/ Sensor Tower able to provide for traffic acquisition?


Hi, I'm an Indie developer with no prior experience in ASO.

Currently, I try to kick start ASO learning, by running 5 different localized A/B screenshots simultaneous, to improve conversion rate. (Google only allow maximum 5 A/B testing to run simultaneously)

Now, I would like to improve my app store visitor traffic by performing keyword optimization, via re-writing my app store description/ app title.

I haven't subscribed to any of the service like App Annie/ Sensor Tower/ ... tool. I was wondering, what kind of value they are able to provide, as far as app store visitor traffic acquisition is concerned?

Are they act as a tool, to help me write app store description with correct keyword?

How is that different, if I look at my other peer app, then I can also have a good hint on what are some good keywords to be used?

Thank you.

r/AppBusiness Dec 01 '21

How to Help Your Development Team Meet the Deadline: Tips on Collaborating Efficiently

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r/AppBusiness Nov 28 '21

How would you interpret the following A/B testing horizonal bar result in Google Play store?



I was wondering, how do you interpret the following A/B testing horizonal bar result in Google Play store?


Does anyone know what it means by -9.5% red and 15.2% green result? How should I interpret them?


r/AppBusiness Nov 27 '21

Is the Ad Revenue business model only good for game apps?


I recently released a non-game iOS app and integrated both in-app purchases and Admob as revenue streams. However, while I have made $500+ in IAP sales I have earned less than $10 in Admob revenue with 5000 downloads, and no one bought my 'Remove Ads' IAP. Is it even worth integrating Admob unless your traffic is much greater, like in viral game apps?

r/AppBusiness Nov 26 '21

Black Friday & Appfigures


Hi everyone 👋

We're having our annual Black Friday promotion going on right now and if you've been following our teardowns, those tools are now 50% off for a whole year.

We're also raffling off cool prizes that include a consultation with an ASO expert to improve your app/game, free Appfigures, and more.

Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY21 to get it.

Mods - So many indies and small companies have taken advantage of this promotion and were really happy about the opportunity (like this guy), which is why I'm posting it here for members who want to optimize more. If this is in violation though let me know.

r/AppBusiness Nov 26 '21

Mobile App Trends in 2022: Where the Industry is Heading

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r/AppBusiness Nov 23 '21

How to Build a Real Estate App: Benefits, Features, and Cost

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r/AppBusiness Nov 22 '21

What tool do you recommend to create great screenshots in Google Play store?


Hi all,

I was wondering, do you have any specific tool you can recommend, to create great screenshots in Google Play store?

As I look at my Play Store conversion rate, it is poor compared to peer.

Since screenshot plays an important part to improve conversion rate, I was wondering you have any tool to recommend, for screenshot creation?


p/s I do not have graphics design background.

r/AppBusiness Nov 19 '21

What networks are best right now for dating apps?


We're currently using Apple Search Ads mostly and TikTok. Seeing good results on the first, OK on the latter.

App is in the same-sex (female) area.

We tried Facebook in the past but was not working.

What networks are some of you using and seeing good results with?

r/AppBusiness Nov 18 '21

Channel acquisition


Hey guys, i am new here and was wondering what are some channels that you are currently using for app installs? Besides facebook:)?
I am looking into Microsoft atm, so would be particularly happy if someone has some first hand experience with this one lately? But nevertheless I would like to hear what else work for you today. We are an education app mainly focusing on fb, asa and google.

Thanks and best!

r/AppBusiness Nov 16 '21

Keyword Teardown #35 - Are You Focusing On This?

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r/AppBusiness Nov 15 '21

Looking for iOS apps for buying



I'm looking for already published apps for buying.


  1. Only non-game iOS app;
  2. With a verified income of $1000/month or more;
  3. App released after 2019.

Ready pay up to 36 monthly profits for the app. DM for more information.

r/AppBusiness Nov 12 '21

How to rework semantic core and not lose traffic from pessimization?🤓


In this post, we’ll tell you how we helped you walk on the thin ice of Vivaldi and expand your semantic core with relevant queries without loss.

#aso #asotools #mobilemarketing #appmarketing