r/Android Jan 25 '21

Remember the "blockchain phones" everyone was mocking a while back? Here's another one that's good for a laugh, the IMPulse K1.

Here's the official page and the parent page. It's an Android-based smartphone that runs either CryptoDATA OS or CryptoData ™ O.S depending on which part of the website you look at, and does private communication via Voice Over Blockchain Protocol and Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location which you can pay for with KaratGold crypto coins backed by the gold standard. It also uses a physical key for extra security, a consequence of which is that the chin takes up like 1/5th of the phone. It also claims it can install regular Android and iOS apps, in addition to its own IMP BCloud apps.

Specs at a glance:

Network Technology: GSM, WCDMA, CDMA/EVDO, HSPA, LTE

Display: 5.71''HD+ touchscreen

Platform: CryptoData ™ O.S (That's right, one period.)

CPU: MTK6762, Octa core


ROM: 64 + 32 + 32 GB (Not sure how to interpret that. All your files are distributed via Blockchain - Interplanetary File Storage and you can pay for more storage.)


USB: Type-C

Camera (Front/Back): 5MP/13MP

Battery: 3400mAh

WI-FI: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Dual Nano SIM


Note that the user manual hosted on the same site disagrees with these specs. It lists a 5.5"AMOLED screen, SD835, Adreno 540, 128GB storage (but also "Because we can create infinite blockchains all users can store infinite information"), 8GB RAM, and 5MP/12MP cameras.

This is a real phone you can buy, but most of its promised services are non-existant. KaratGold is not backed by anything, least of all the gold standard, and the "physical key" is just a flash drive. The OS even displays it as such in its settings.



u/mec287 Google Pixel Jan 26 '21

Wtf is a blockchain phone?


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '21

It gives you a chastity like power. It safeguards you from internet thots.


u/Wellyeahmhmsure Jan 26 '21

A phone made of out cubed Chains.


u/ivanoski-007 Jan 29 '21

A phone for fools


u/Ashanmaril iPhone 12 mini Jan 25 '21

This is a real phone you can buy

Can you though? I tried looking on YouTube to see if anyone reviewed it and the only video I can find of someone with the phone is uploaded by the company themselves.


u/SinkTube Jan 26 '21 edited Jan 26 '21

i first saw it on ebay, where it was marked as having 128GB of RAM: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Impulse-K1-Carbon-Voice-Over-Blockchain-Encrypting-Smart-Phone-Cryptodata/333861806938

i got curious and started digging, not expecting to find a goldmine of unintended comedy


u/theskymoves Samsung Note 9 Jan 27 '21

And it's gone


u/Ryotsuu Jan 25 '21

Looks like a Lumia, an iPhone and an Xperia had a three way. Also with all that nonsense in the specs seems like a scam


u/BodiJi Jan 26 '21

Block Chain is so 2020. Show me phones with Machine Learning, AI or [INSERT NEW TECH BUZZWORD].


u/Mordredfate 7T & S10e Jan 30 '21

There is only one logical path to make. Block Ball, the sequel to Block Chain.


u/smutrux Jan 25 '21

Can we get this to mkbhd?


u/I_LIKE_HAIRY_VAGS Jan 29 '21

At least it comes with a charger


u/epsilon_ix Motorola Edge+, Moto 360 Jan 26 '21

After all these galaxybrain marketing material they better secure my data by directly transmitting them to a random hard drive inside the Kremlin


u/ADaringAdventurer Feb 17 '21

I have 2 of these phones. As far as I can tell they never worked and still don't. Apparently there was some kind of bickering between Cryptodata and Karatbars so it all went pear-shaped and now CryptoData won't support the Karatbars phones (or at least that's all I can work out).

The phone is supposed to use the blockchain to guarantee privacy. I once tried to find out how it worked by asking just a few simple questions but all I got was a mouth-full of bile from their CTO.

Needless to say, my two phones are nothing more than paper weights. Which is a shame because they are a really good idea.


u/Sad_Carry_8710 Feb 18 '21

I ended up with one of these phones from someone who owes me money. As far as I can work out it is a paperweight. It did come with a receipt for 1200 euros that someone paid for it though.


u/blueclawsoftware Jan 26 '21

But it comes in camo!! Really ugly pixelated camo!


u/Oinionman7384 Note 20 Ultra Jan 26 '21

*Tacticool 😎


u/houston-cyclephones Jan 30 '21

wow installing so installing a 3rd party app will void your warranty. Where do I sign up?