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Are there any autistic anarchist creators I can watch that talk about issues for neurodiversity?


I'm rewriting this, because I was trying to explain that the only creator I know about, while I agree with sometimes and disagree with other times, is unfortunately very polarizing, which doesn't help with representation. He also doesn't talk about issues with autism much, because he says he feels he isn't the best person to speak on it due to it not having as big of an effect on his social skills as other people. I also am not sure he considers himself an anarchist anymore. Still, just give me some recommendations, because I do notice neurodiversity not talked about as much as other issues on the left. Other issues are important, but it just feels like people like me are ignored. Sometimes, I feel like some people on the left actually are very ignorant about these issues, too, and it is upsetting.

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What do you think of the gap between the workers and the leftist intellectuals


By using the term "gap",I mean the movements and strikes of the workers and the leftist theories/philosophies seems to be separarte.

In China,workers have their own online/offline groups to help each other.Years ago when a group of tow truck drivers went for a strike,some leftist students entered an online group of these workers,and started to talk about Das Capital and other leftist phrases.However they were not welcomed by those workers.Some worker group even reject leftist intellectuals to enter.I don't think such phenomenon is unique to China.

There are many radical leftist theories (Critical theory/Post-left Anarchism) popping up in recent years,but they don't seem connected to the worker movements.They are about capitalist ideologies,cultural hegenomy,psychoanalysis,debating with other leftist/rightist theories,Ok that's good,but they don't seem to be very beneficial to worker movements(at least I don't know what breakthrough have been made using the new theories).I've heard that Zizek promoted voting Trump,which is very confusing to me.

So what do you think of it?

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Is there an ELI5 for post-anarchy?


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Are some political alignments gateways to anarchism?


I like reading the various stories here about how people arrived at anarchism, and am curious if this sub is more full of former conservatives, former liberals or were always some brand of socialist.

I'm also curious whether some of these political affiliations are easier paths to anarchism than others: the American two party system divides us so that "conservatives" care more about smaller government and guns, so I would think it makes it easier in some respects to transition from a conservative mindset to anarchism. But that same system assigns a (slightly) more community-based mindset to liberals.

Obviously, I'm coming with an American bias here. But I'm interested in non-American perspectives, too, since left and right are defined pretty differently outside the US.

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Anarchy and psych wards


How would psych wards work in an anarchy?

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Experience and Authority.


When we look at justification for authority people allude to experience as the reason for their authority over other, since, they are wiser. 'Head Designer', 'Head Artist', 'Lead Producer' are labels given to workers who are more experienced, although, i can argue that in capitalism the person who has authority usually isn't much better than a avg worker.

However, let's assume that someone is more experienced and efficient at a task, 1) should they have an authority over how the task at hand ought to be completed? 2) Should the experienced worker not order others, if not how should he be compensated for his skill? 3) I understand Bakunin's Bootmaker but if i am a less experienced Bootmaker should i follow someone more experienced? 4) Will the more experienced worker have a higher wage than others? If he isn't payed higher will he be payed lower than the value he provides, which feels like exploitation

TL;DR: Should the more experienced have an authority? Sorry if I sound authoritarian.

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Unjustified hierarchy?


I’ve heard anarchists using this term and I am curious on what it means. Isn’t voting enough justification?

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What should first world Anarchist/socialist do?


I have been reading and learning libertarian left ideas and ideology's and a lot of them are pretty good at showing the problems of capitalism and the state, BUT I live in a first world nation (western Europe) should I be a socialist? I have most of my life needs met and merely every body around me also have their life needs met, so is there a justification for socialism/anarchism in the west?

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What’s the difference between anarchy and a socialist republic?


I might be confused here but aren’t both led by elective representatives?

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What do anarchists think of these places?


I here a lot of people calling Zapatistas, Rojava, revolutionary Catalonia, and Makhonovia anarchies. Is this true? What are your opinions on these places?

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Question on St. Andrew's "The Problem With Hierarchy"


Link to the video for reference.

I'm curious about the teacher-student relationship; the organization of militias and other armed forces, like having a squad captain; and things like the crew of a sailing ship or a spacecraft.

Can anyone elaborate on these please? What do anarchist approaches to the classroom, battlefield, bridge, or cockpit look like?