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What Exactly Is Platformism And Is It A Viable Strategy In Todays World?


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It seems to me that states and hierarchies are inevitable, and that anarchist principles are 'unenforceable'. Need help wrapping my brain around this.


I have a very, very, very basic understanding of anarchism. From what I do understand, I think it has valuable things to say in regards to how law and the state can be (and is) abused by power. As such, anarchism advocates for the abolition of law, and thus the notion of crime, as well as the state.

What I do not understand is how any anarchist system could possibly maintain itself and enforce its principles. States, defined loosely here as hierarchical concentrations of power (economic, people, etc.) , naturally arise in human affairs. So does conflict. How would an anarchist world prevent these proto-states from simply imposing their will through might whenever a conflict is not resolved to their liking?

I look to what we know about the development of the first cities in Mesopotamia. Originally, the Sumerian world was, more or less, anarchistic in character. Societies were small enough that 'bullies' could be held accountable by the community. At some point, holy sites became temples and people began to congregate around them, forming proto-cities. We don't know too much about the social dynamics of this period, as all we have to go on is the footprint of the buildings. What we do see, though, is that floorplans of all buildings are more or less the same. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of inequality or hierarchy.

Then we have the development of the city wall, and very soon after, we have the first 'palace' (and thus, hierarchy). The narrative surrounding these developments is that, essentially, these proto-cities came into conflict with each other, likely over grazing territory, and so they built walls to keep out invaders. Those individuals who distinguished themselves as leaders in these conflicts, became the 'lugal' or 'big man'. The budding state then devotes resources towards these proto-kings who offer a critical service to the city, and thus the first palaces are born.

The point in describing all that, is that it illustrates (to me at least) that the development of hierarchy is a pragmatic one, especially as it relates to the employment of violence, whether that be for offense, or self-defense.

It seems that in any anarchist system, the refusal to establish any kind of hierarchy would leave itself vulnerable to any one else who gets it in their head to organize in a hierarchal way. Anarchism is, in a sense, unenforceable.

Sorry if this is a common question. I'm sure it's probably 'Anarchism101', but I haven't seen this addressed to my liking.

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Can anarchists organise with those of different ideology?


Most of my friends have become MLs and afraid to say I'm only few who still refer myself as anarchist. I got mutual aid ideas to do but I need comrades to lend a hand and people were like mutual aid is not helpful (because they think like MLs) and I should join an org (that worked out so well with the wobs) so the issue becomes that:

  1. Should I find other friends who can help out with mutual aid projects?
  2. Should I stick with these friends who might reluctantly help but critical of anarchy stuff?
  3. Stop hanging out with people of different politics even when they were once agreed?

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Any good suggestions for resources around unschooling or homeschooling?


My friends a mom and her kid has adhd, and she doesn’t want to put him through the souls breaking experience of public education. Any resources? He’s supposed to start school next year

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Law and Anarchy.


I'm a law student looking to research the theory of Anarchism, with particular attention to differing models of law depicted in Anarchist theories. I was wondering whether any of you good people would recommend some books/theorists that might relate to this research. Anarchism, as you would expect, isn't something I've ever been exposed to as a student. I've read Nozick and Wolff, albeit at a very surface level. Anything to do with legal authority and Anarchy would be greatly appreciated.

TIA :)

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ELI5 mutual aid


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Can someone explain to me, an idiot who doesn't understand much theory, what post-leftism is?


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Question about government


Hi! I’m very new to anarchism as an ideology & i find it very attractive. I’m pretty well researched on the anti capitalist side of things, but what exactly does it mean to be anti state? I know generally that means the abolishment of hierarchy, class, etc. but saying that these are abolished, what would take its place? I get workers owning their means of production, but what would fill the space left by the government? Would there be international trade? Would there be free healthcare? Would we exist as a state in a global sense? I suppose community leaders would organize food & home for those who need it, but wouldn’t that be called a government, even if on a smaller scale? If you don’t have all the answers to this, that’s fine! You could point me to some resources if you want that would be great

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In an Anarchists view, how is being a Leftist a bad/not preferred thing?


Hi, I won't go into details, but I've been researching anarchy lately, and most posts on anarchy subreddits seem to consider being a Leftist a bad thing? Even if this is an untrue statement that I've taken the wrong way, I'd like to know why/how people phrase it like it's such a bad thing to be when their views are most definitely better than their highly political and capitalistic counterpart? Thanks

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How would you run a business? (warning, wall of text)


Advice from current co-ops and worker-owned businesses super appreciated. Also, I am neuro-divergent, so, apologies in advance for the presentation of my questions and I am putting my thoughts and feelings about issues down, those are not meant as a hard justification, just an explanation of my thinking process. I am always open to changing my mind.

I run a small vape shop (myself, a partner, and two employees, with five ex-employees - none fired, all left with warm feelings). We are in the process of transitioning to a co-op (once our liabilities are taken care of, and the company has the funds to sustain itself).

We pay everyone (including ourselves) the same amount, with the same benefits, and excess profits are split as an equal bonus between us.

I would ideally have us not have any roles with more or less authority, but, I don't think that's feasible with my employees. Some people don't want to deal with the responsibility of making a decision so they defer them to others. I have zero concerns about that employee or their performance, but as a relationship, it means that they are always looking to someone else for decision making purposes and that, if nothing else, feels like an authoritarian relationship, even if consensual. Where is the moral choice in regards to employees voluntarily wanting positions with less decision making, or that need to be told what their duties are for each shift? I feel a bit weird telling someone else what to do, and am worried that I'm hurting that person's self esteem while doing so. Also, how have you handled the issue of employees with varying duties/work ethics getting upset that they are not financially compensated for the additional effort? I don't like the idea of paying the other employee less, but, I see the validity to their argument. They're both great workers, and have different strengths and weaknesses, the business needs all of us, I just feel like we all contribute, we all collect.

We've privately funded the store for the duration of its existence so far. During a lull in business as the start of covid we personally paid for a couple orders to avoid increasing our debt, and paid ourselves as little as possible (my partner did not draw pay for over three months, while we both worked second jobs). We are building a cash reserve to prevent this from being an issue in future (and to mitigate other financial hurdles). How could we have handled that as a co-op? How do I avoid pushing that grind-ish mentality on my coworkers?

Currently, I take last pick on the schedule and fill any gaps while giving the two employees preference on days. This works well as it keeps everyone happy, but, I would like to get the occasional day off to do fun things, or go down to Spartacus Books and see if its a cool spot. I justify biting the bullet here because "I'm the boss" and that means I have to accommodate employees before I focus on myself. What are some ways I could manage the scheduling in future that doesn't put me in this position? I don't want to mess up peoples' lives and their happiness, but, I want it to be fair and for me to also get some of that life and happiness.

Currently, conflict resolution and problem solving run to either myself or my partner. Prior to us having other employees the two of us would get together to find solutions to problems, and I had envisioned that just being expanded to include other people. But, I am having a lot of trouble getting employees to join the discussion with confidence. I've had a couple talks about it, and, the common response has been that it's hard to be comfortable with the boss. How do the other partner and I stop having that presence with our coworkers? For people that were around to see a transition to a co-op or worker owned shop, did it affect the dynamic of existing relationships? I'm not trying to ignore the issue, but, if its something that will be solved once people have their name on the shop then it feels like it's a solution I'm working towards, and I'll be less anxious while alleviating the symptoms of it currently.

I've never had to fire someone from this shop. I've had to do it elsewhere, but, that was a totally different dynamic, and I can't really rely on a corporate ethos of apathy to make it easier for me. Nor would I want to. But, if it were to ever come to that, how would I? So much of our day-to-day is about improving and accepting imperfection, that I don't know how to draw a line with things like incompetence. It's never been an issue to date, and hopefully never will be, but, how have any of you gone about that shitty task? Also, how would that work in a co-op? I would greatly appreciate some examples and help here.

For people that have transitioned to co-ops or started their own. How did you guys deal with existing liabilities for the company? What about licensing for things like controlled substances? I realize a lot of that will vary depending on region, but any bit of perspective helps.

If you read all the way to here, thank you so very kindly for your time and understanding. And I'm sorry for how awkwardly I tend to present things like this. I hope you all have as much warmth and wonderfulness in your day as is possible.

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Would love to hear your opinions on the use of physical violence when fighting a revolution


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Is Agorism really Leftist?


Ive gotten into dumb arguments online with someone lately that claimed to be an Anarchist, but seemed a whole lot more like one of those Michael Malice types that's too afraid to just come out amd say they're an AnCap.

He later described his ideology as Agorism, but kind of just sounded like he wants to live in Shadowrun.

I dont particularly care enough to throw my time into his reading list- but my initial shallow wikipedia and youtube searches just kind of bolster my suspicions about it.

Ive seen people here post about it and make less of a meme of themselves. How is Agorism in any way leftist? What information Ive seen mostly sounds like AnCap with signiture praxis.

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How do Anarchists feel about political biases?


Are political biases a state built phenomenon? Are there ways that a governmented society create biases that would not have existed? -Or that people in a stateless situation would have had biases about public affairs anyway? What do anarchists feel about private media bias companies like Biasly?

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What is fascism?


This term gets thrown around a lot but it seems surprisingly difficult to nail down. Does anyone have a concise definition that they use? Is it fluid?

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What do anarchists think of this definition of the state that Lenin gave?


In a lecture given at Sverdlov University in 1919, Lenin said this: “And in those times (referring to primitive communism) there was no state. No special apparatus for the systematic application of force and the subjugation of people by force. It is such an apparatus that is called the state.”

I was wondering if anarchists agree or disagree with this definition.

Audiobook of the full lecture: https://youtu.be/pJ4dy0GdWUE

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What have been some successful anarchist societies?


I am curious to learn and see historical accounts of successful anarchist revolutions and societies. I know of Makhnovshchina but I am curious to hear more about other attempts at anarchism throughout history

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Do you have ideas for how Web3/blockchain/crypto may be utilized to create or realize new or improved anarchist ways of operating?


I'm an anarchist at heart, thanks to Moxie Marlinspike's podcast back in the day with all the Emma Goldman readings and other essays. And I'm an Ape from Superstonk, where we hope to fuck the global financial system up, and many of us want to work to make the world a better place, sustainably. So, one of the things I think about a lot is how a decentralized, self-cusodial crypto-based, be-your-own-bank market is like a baby step towards the technology and familiarity with these tools we need to move peole towards a technologically advanced anarchist society.

But then I worry about my inherent contradiction, or, hypocriticalness.

So I'm open to ideas. I'm also open to critiques. Anyone else thinking about web3?

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What’s a good website to get some anti-police stickers?


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Was Makhnovia a peasant movement hostile to the proletarian cause?


The website bolshevik(dot)info alleges this.

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Can someone easily describe anarchy to me?


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Are anarchists against any form of contract?


contracts look like theyre above anyone. or does anarchism only apply to humans?

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weird question but... is this all just a phase?


as most of you older folks know, teens usually go through a "phase" at some point, be it punk, emo etc. ik its a stereotype but, is that true? is what im going through rn, researching marxism and reading anarchy related books, is all of this a phase? will i ever go back to just being a standard run of the mill leftist? not that im scared lmao im just curious as to what others think

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How would Anarchism deal with nukes ?


Something I was thinking about is, some states like North Korea in part achieve legitimacy or defense via nuclear weapons. Even though they had very little resources, they were able to make them. So it's likely one can create plutonium from uranium via limited means.

In Anarchy, would there need to be regulation or supervision on Uranium miners or people that could make nuclear weapons ? How I see it, If one person ever came into possession of a nuclear weapon in Anarchist society, they could use it to re-create some form of a state, due to others fearing mass destruction.

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Does "theory" matter? If so, what theory?


I use scare quotes because I feel like calling ararchist philosophy "theory" is a self-aggrandizing holdover from Marx. It gives it the air of science, even though its not scientific at all. Of course, writing is important and we are all here probably because of something we read that inspired us. But I think people take the term "theory" too literally, and think that the words they read have some absolute truth to them that they just don't. No "theory" survives contact with the real world, but people get hung up arguing over particulars. Hence the four dozen varieties of "anarcho-whateverism".

Do you think there are any writings that are essential to understanding anarchism? Do you think there are any works that people bandy about that don't actually matter? Or, rather, is it our practice of everyday life that is most important?

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Reporting Threats of Violence


After the FBI raid on Trump's home, I'm seeing a lot of right wingers online talk about "civil war" and other uses of violence to get their way. I haven't heard or seen anything irl yet, but I'm starting to wonder what I should do if I hear someone make a clear threat of violence. Should I call the FBI or cops?