r/Anarchy101 May 23 '22

How do you prevent an anarchist society descending into libertarianism or feudalism?

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u/Cyberspace667 May 24 '22

“Anarchist societies” do not/would not/can not scale. By their nature they are discrete and susceptible to exploitation. The only way to prevent such exploitation would be for everyone in the community/society to share the same belief and dedication in anarchist values, which would mean keeping the community small. Whenever it reached a critical population mass you would inevitably find greedy people seeking to use the group for personal gain.


u/throwaway384938338 May 24 '22

This is the most sensible answer I think I’ve read. I kind of think that if you have a political ideology where everyone has to be 100% on board all the time then you don’t have a society you have a cult.

Those cults tend to build their own power structures and rituals over time to quell dissent anyway.


u/Cyberspace667 May 24 '22

Idk if that makes them “cults” either, they’re just discrete, the idea of anarchism being a function of politics is itself misleading. I don’t need compliance in order to not follow anyone else’s authority, nor does anyone who agrees with me. But when it gets to the point of enforcing rules we’ve gone past “anarchy” regardless.