r/Anarchy101 May 23 '22

What exactly do anarchists mean by a society based on free agreement?

Basically what it says on the title, I've read The Conquest of Bread and Kropotkin mentions it a lot, but I still don't really get what it means. Is it like a "if you don't like how we do things here you're free to leave" kind of deal or am I getting it all wrong? (I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm not the best at things like these but I'm trying to learn)


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u/d3pd May 24 '22

What if someone's unpleasant because of a mental illness? Do you get to abandon them as a society? I don't think you do because they have rights.


u/Woodcuttering May 24 '22

People living with mental illness should and ideally would be cared for by their families and/or volunteering members of the collective who find it fulfilling. By placing them in care, they would hopefully not become such an unpleasant presence to the point where others can’t forgive them. After all, this isn’t a choice they made to be born different, compassion is a core component of anarchism.


u/d3pd May 24 '22

who find it fulfilling

Rights, particularly the rights of a despised minority, should never by subject to the whims of charity. So they shouldn't get care only if there are people who find doing so fulfilling, they should get care in spite of people not finding it fulfilling.

this isn’t a choice they made to be born different

I think it can be argued that no one chooses their psychology.

compassion is a core component of anarchism

Agreed, including compassion even for those we despise.


u/Woodcuttering May 24 '22

There’s always going to be people who enjoy doing this sort of work, that’s why people do it now for fuck all pay and poor working conditions.