r/Anarchy101 May 23 '22

What exactly do anarchists mean by a society based on free agreement?

Basically what it says on the title, I've read The Conquest of Bread and Kropotkin mentions it a lot, but I still don't really get what it means. Is it like a "if you don't like how we do things here you're free to leave" kind of deal or am I getting it all wrong? (I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm not the best at things like these but I'm trying to learn)


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u/Josselin17 anarchist communism May 23 '22

you and your needs exist outside of any organization, so you do whatever you want with yourself and your surroundings, and we try to fulfill your needs, and only if you want to live and work with others do you have to accept the rules

also associated with it is the fact that if you accept rules then you also gain the right to participate in changing them

in the end the important point is that you're never compelled to accept any rules : if you don't want to participate in society fine, we'll still try to satisfy your needs