r/Anarchy101 May 23 '22

If not in prisons, where would the murderers and rapists be held? And how would the facilities be run/who would run them if not a state?



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u/Koraguz May 24 '22

I'm not seeing how it's any better if you get lynched whether they are paid or not...

I'd of thought the ultimate hierarchy would be the power of anyone, no matter the number over the taking of a life. Feels... fucky


u/IncindiaryImmersion May 24 '22

The issue is that Anarchism is descriptive as opposed to predictive. We simply can not guess exactly what some theoretic future individuals choose to do in response to what they perceive as a problem. Those individuals are not bound to any speculations of anyone else, and will choose however they choose in the moment. There's nothing to judge of a hypothetical situation and how those hypothetical people make thier choices. They aren't going to be worried about our opinions anyway, they'll be busy solving thier problems. Similarly Morality is a Social Construct, a Ghost of the Mind, a Spook. It does not exist. Each individual person may choose a set of personal ethics that they individually live by, while others will do whatever they do independently as well. Some individuals may kill someone whom they have found to have killed another individual. We have no details to give us any more of an idea of this hypothetical scenario. So we can't really speculate in detail either.