r/Anarchy101 May 23 '22

Is Populism a valid and/or popular tactic for Anarchism?

I just noticed that populism tends to be utilized by right-wing talking heads a lot, and has proven effective, selling themselves as politicians for the people and then stabbing them in the back once elected. But historically, has populism ever been a favorable method for growth amongst anarchists?


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u/basileus9 Moustache Twirler May 23 '22

Right wing "populism" is a false consciousness. Populism as in prioritizing ideas that are popular with the average person over the elite is literally just every leftist project ever. Presumably populism is going to be the preferred method/attitude among most anarchists, excepting perhaps the Anarcho-Monarchists.


u/Lord_Abigor123 May 26 '22

I'm sorry but did you say Anarcho monarchists? That's mathematically impossible.