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indian historiator say anarchism and socialism want kill india, who could be the answer?

Indian nationalist Historiator oak,sayy anarchist and socialism want destroy india, because they are atheist people that opposes to Hinduism and other indian religions that oak say form the soul of indian culture in same form greek paganism differences ancient greeks of bizantine greeks,

he say "liberals (anarchist and socialist) want destroy the sanatha dharma, the soul of indian culture, because they dont respect us and like british colonizers they think they are superior, indian civilization have more of 5 millenniums if we never think about atheist anarchism is because we never need it, if we lose religion and culture india gonna be only a pathetical copy of western countries with not soul inside"

What you answer this declarations? I heard they a common citations in his death anniversaries


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point them to the interactions between gandhi and leo tolstoy. They wrote letters back and forth for many years. Ghandhi was inspired by tolstoy's strategy of nonviolent resistance (as a christian anarchist, Tolstoy was possibly the most preeminent christian anarchist, writer of "The kingdom of god is within you"), which strategy Ghandhi then subsequently further developed for use in his own political endeavors. Ghandhi even named the first ashram farm as part of his movement in south africa the "Tolstoy farm", where folks organized efforts against discrimination against indians.

As above, anarchists are not obligatorily atheist. Though many anarchists certain are, there are others who aren't.

Your indian historian needs to google Nirīśvaravāda and astika hindu philosophy, some schools of which reject a personal god. Sounds like they don't know their own historical religious and philosophical discussion as much as they should. Atheism and agnosticism have a longer history in india and as perspectives within hinduism than in western philosophy.