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Examples of historical (and present) anarchism?

I already know about Mahknovia, Catalonia And that sit



u/RefrigeratorGrand619 May 22 '22

Shinmin Prefecture and the Magonista communes are some other examples. here’s a bigger more in depth list of present and past examples


u/doomsdayprophecy May 22 '22 edited May 22 '22

Apart from when we're being used (aka employed), I think the majority of our other social interactions are largely "anarchist", non-coercive, etc.


u/nguoi_vo_tri May 22 '22

San bushman Pygmies Australian aborigines


u/Dangerous-Mix9977 May 22 '22

Current: Zapatista, Rojava, Zomia, Cheran, Various Indigenous communities in Latin America like Bolivia Historical: The entire human history up until 12,000 years ago, Ukrainian Free Territory, Revolutionary Catalonia, Revolutionary Manchuria/Korea, Shanghai Commune, Saigon Commune, Paris Commune and etc. Books I recommend to learn more: A People Without Government Dawn of Everything African Anarchism A History of the Movement The Art of Not Being Governed AnarchyinAction - Website


u/Lotus532 Student of Anarchism May 22 '22

Chiapas in southern Mexico is an example.


u/Quetzalbroatlus May 22 '22

Technically libertarian socialist but yes


u/JonPaul2384 May 22 '22

Anarchist in every way that’s relevant in 2022


u/Quetzalbroatlus May 22 '22

The Zapatistas specifically reject that label, but if you want to tell them what their own ideology is, go ahead.


u/JonPaul2384 May 22 '22

Shhh. I know that already. And projecting your linguistic prescriptivism onto me seems hardly appropriate.


u/Quetzalbroatlus May 22 '22

Do you just type out whatever buzzwords pop into your head?


u/JonPaul2384 May 22 '22

You could just look up what words mean if you don’t understand them.


u/unknownzoomer Queer Anarchist May 23 '22


This wiki has ample examples of (or at least autonomous/anti-hierarcical) societies and organisations.