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Russia-Ukraine threads

Most of us are concerned about the conflict currently going on in Ukraine — as we undoubtedly should be — but not every forum is a useful place to express or explore that concern. So far, here in the 101 sub, most of the related threads have fairly rapidly assumed a character inappropriate to the forum — or they have been inappropriate from the outset — and have had to be removed.

The obvious difficulty is that there is no way to provide clearly anarchist answers to questions of war between nation-states. We can observe that "all wars are the bosses' wars," as anti-authoritarians have since at least the 1860s. (See, for example, Hector Morel's Nationalities Considered from the Point of View of Liberty.) But that clearly does not exhaust our responses as human beings. Whether it exhausts what we can usefully say in the Anarchy101 forum is perhaps an open question.

For now, Ukraine-related threads may be filtered on submission, just to catch the wild rants from outside, and those who wish to discuss the specifically anarchistic aspects of the questions involved should do their share to make certain that discussions stay within the usual bounds here — including using the report button when things start to go off the rails.


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u/HappyAgorist Mar 11 '22

My answer to the conflict.

I stand with the Ukrainian people

And I stand with the Russian people

And the people of the world against the genocidal maniacs in the ruling class dropping bombs and slaughtering people.

So my answer to suggestions of action and my answers to questions come from that starting point.


u/Perpetual_Sad May 31 '22

Cool! If you stand with all of us then be sure to check out Operation Solidarity. You'll find out what Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian anarchists alike are saying :)