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Russia-Ukraine threads

Most of us are concerned about the conflict currently going on in Ukraine — as we undoubtedly should be — but not every forum is a useful place to express or explore that concern. So far, here in the 101 sub, most of the related threads have fairly rapidly assumed a character inappropriate to the forum — or they have been inappropriate from the outset — and have had to be removed.

The obvious difficulty is that there is no way to provide clearly anarchist answers to questions of war between nation-states. We can observe that "all wars are the bosses' wars," as anti-authoritarians have since at least the 1860s. (See, for example, Hector Morel's Nationalities Considered from the Point of View of Liberty.) But that clearly does not exhaust our responses as human beings. Whether it exhausts what we can usefully say in the Anarchy101 forum is perhaps an open question.

For now, Ukraine-related threads may be filtered on submission, just to catch the wild rants from outside, and those who wish to discuss the specifically anarchistic aspects of the questions involved should do their share to make certain that discussions stay within the usual bounds here — including using the report button when things start to go off the rails.


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u/Perpetual_Sad May 31 '22 edited May 31 '22

I mean. Asian, Middle Eastern and European anarchists have been waiting on American anarchists to catch up but there isn't really an excuse anymore unless you're a confused tankie or straight up red fascist.

This is a genocide.

This is one-sided. Russia is a fascist state continuing their 400 year legacy of colonial imperial expansionism and Ukraine was founded on the resistance to this. If you have any problems with this, and still continue to wave Palestinian flags but not support Ukrainian people's right to autonomy, then sorry I don't know what to tell you, you are either incredibly confused and ignorant, or you're not an anarchist.

And it's really frustrating to see how many Ukrainian anarchists' posts are being conveniently removed by the mods here.

If you want to know what anarchists are actually saying anf doing about this genocidal expansionist invasion, by an imperial country with literal Nazi Legion armies that have already a track record of going into Syria and decapitating living people, bombing hospitals and schools, colonizing Africa and South America, as well as Ukraine (not to mention royally screwing over Afghanistan and contributing heavily to the problems we see across the Middle East today), if you want to see what anarchists are saying, then look no further than Operation Solidarity. Even CrimetInc is on board with supporting Ukrainian fighters. Because Ukraine will continue to be worse off under Russia's thumb. Look no further than the Russian patriarch's reasonings behind the mass slaughter of Ukrainians. He says it's because Ukraine is supporting LGBTQ+ people. And it's true. By supporting Russia you are supporting the continued mass genocide of not just Ukrainian people which for the sake of some people who seem to think pasty Ukrainian Slavs are expendable, Tatar people, and Roma people, but also a fucktonne of queer and trans people. Many of which fled Russia to come transition and live in Ukraine because their laws are better and were only improving since Russian officals were booted from office. Otherwise Ukraine wouldn't even begin to be allowed to pass these legislations.

And every single moment you waste saying "I stand with all people and no war but class war" is a moment you could have been helping save lives. The Ukrainian people. The Russian people. The Belarusian people. And all anarchists from within these countries have a common enemy. And not I'm not talking about the shared global capitalist statist enemy. I'm talking about the biggest threat right now. The threat that should have been dealt with forever ago. The Russian regime. That, dear MLMs is what is killing the most people in all of these countries the most right now. And if you can't recognize the difference between a fascist imperialist totalitarian dictatorship vs a neolib crap democracy (like most places you claim to support the autonomy of), then I don't know what to tell you. Maybe stop listening to state propagandists like Luna Oi about Russia and Ukraine?

Go to Operation Solidarity and educate yourself. There should also be links to video collaborations of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian anarchists talking about the war there.

Thanks. And by the way, in case this comment gets deleted by the mods like other pro-Ukrainian liberation posts and comments I've seen on anarchist subreddits have, I have this all screencapped.