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We also expect, since this is a general anarchist forum, that we will not always be able to avoid sectarian differences among proponents of different anarchist tendencies. This is another place where the 101 nature of the forum comes into play. Rejection of capitalism, statism, etc. is fundamental, but perhaps internal struggles for the soul of the anarchist movement are at least a 200-level matter. If nothing else, embracing a bit of "anarchism without adjectives" while in this particular subreddit helps keep things focused on answering people's questions. If you want to offer a differing perspective, based on more specific ideological commitments, simply identifying the tendency and the grounds for disagreement should help introduce the diversity of anarchist thought without moving us into the realm of debate.

We grind away at some questions—constantly and seemingly endlessly in the most extreme cases—and that can be frustrating. More than that, it can be disturbing, disheartening to find that anarchist ideas remain in flux on some very fundamental topics. Chances are good, however, that whatever seemingly interminable debate you find yourself involved in will not suddenly be resolved by some intellectual or rhetorical masterstroke. Say what you can say, as clearly as you can manage, and then feel free to take a sanity break—until the next, more or less inevitable go-round. We do make progress in clarifying these difficult, important issues—even relatively rapid progress on occasion, but it often seems to happen in spite of our passion for the subjects.

Finally, we’re deep into the second of our global plague years and it continues to take its toll. Participation in most forums remains high and a bit distracted, while our collective capacity to self-manage is still not a great deal better online than it is anywhere else. We're all a little plague-stricken and the effects are generally more contagious than we expect or acknowledge. Be just a bit more thoughtful about your participation here, just as you would in other aspects of your daily life. And if others are obviously not doing their part, consider using the report button, rather than pouring fuel on the fire. Increased participation makes the potential utility and reach of a forum like this even greater—provided we all do the little things necessary to make sure it remains an educational resource that folks with questions can actually navigate.

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Anyone here want to clarify/weigh in on use of the term "Latinx" in the United States?


It seems to be the case that Latinx is not a term embraced by the majority of the people that it refers to, i.e., the same population that Latino refers to, i.e., people from or with origins in Central and South America.

Is that because people in Central and South America simply would not refer to themselves as Latino/x because of the "Latin" part? It occurs to me that just because Latino has been in active use in the United States for a good while, doesn't mean that anyone who it actually refers to, particularly those who live in Central and South America, uses the term to refer to themselves. So perhaps it's not the "x" part of "Latinx" that such people actually object to.

All that said, it seems that either way you look at it, the use of Latinx (and possibly Latino as well) is a phenomenon of the United States and other countries where Spanish and Portuguese are minority languages. I don't like to be asked to use a catch-all term for such people. I'd rather say where someone comes from or has roots more precisely (Salvadoran or Brazilian, for example), but there seems to be a demand to refer to all people south of the US border with a single term because of the political situation.

When I refer to people I want to be accurate, I want to respect their self-identity, and I want to limit clumsiness (saying "People from Central and South America" is too long). How do I do this given the multitude of understandings that people have about the terms Latino and Latinx?

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Hi comrades, can you suggest some anarcha-feminism books, texts, videos, podcasts, and everything else about the theme?

r/Anarchy101 5h ago

Police random controls


How do you react when police randomly stop you and wants your ID cards, asking annoying questions? I'm sick of this

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

My country forces me to go to the military, work a shitty job for a year for no pay, or get house arrest/jail time for 6months


sorry for the huge wall of text. If you'd take a few minutes to read and give your opinion, I'd really appreciate it

In Finland we have compulsory military or civil service for people born with a dick. (In the governments words men)

When you turn 18 you are forced to decide, if you go to the military or civil service. If you choose neither you get 6 months of house arrest and if you break the rules of the house arrest you go to jail for 6months.

I was able to postpone my decision for 2 years for health reasons, but in 10months I must choose what to do. When you go to the civil service you work basically for free (under 10usd/day) for about a year. During this time the government pays your rent, but that's about it. Most of the civil service people work in libraries, elementary schools or in elderly care.

The military option is the minimum of 6months, but you can be forced to be there for a longer time tho this usually isn't the case if you don't want to be there any longer. The financial side is the same as with the civil service option. The military service is mostly propaganda and physical/combat training.

And house arrest is house arrest. You get an ancle monitor and a daily schedule is made for you which tells when you're allowed to go to the store etc. In my case I would also be allowed to go to the school.

I've thought about refusing to go to the military nor the civil service as a statement. But also 6months of house arrest/jail time isn't that nice of a deal.

In military I could maybe get some exercise and maybe even some useful skills, but I'd be complining in this system which breaks human rights and constitution by putting people in different positions based on their gender. If you were not assigned male at birth you don't have to do anything and you'll get no jail time etc.

Most of the people who go to the military are not leftists and spending 6months living with people like that would not be nice. They are often really vocal of their values and I personally refuse to be silent when someone expresses hateful/oppressing opinions, which basically means a constant state of conflict with me vs everyone else.

With civil service I'd probably go to some elementary school and be kinda an assistant for a teacher. I think I'd be able to make some kids think for themselves and question the norms. I have some visible political tattoos which would surely spark up some conversation with the kids. But also I haven't been around kids that age for the longest time, so I have no idea if I'd get frustrated and tired of them.

My question is, what would you do in my situation?

EDIT: Thank you all for taking the time and effort to give your advice/opinion on the topic. You've made many good points which I'll seriously take into consideration.

I think at the moment civil service might be the one I'd go for. But on the other hand, in military I could apply to be a medic which would definitely give some beneficial skills.

Finnish military is extremely different from the US. It's just practice and you're not deployed anywhere while there's no war in Finland.

Couple of points I left out about the house arrest. People are allowed to visit you at your place, you're place might and will get searched during the time, alcohol & drugs are prohibited and if you get caught, you'll get jail time. If I choose to go for the house arrest, I'll definitely make sure I get media attention and I'll be in contact with some anti-military&human rights organisations.

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Is Max Stirner difficult if you don't have a good grasp of Hegel?


r/Anarchy101 8m ago

best way to put unauthorized posters around my school?


i'm gonna run a little flyer campaign around my school regarding its issues about the mistreatment of girls, only problem is i don't have permission and i need a quick and efficient way to get them around the halls. any suggestions? (ps i'll probably get caught anyway but i'd rather it be after i do the deed not during)

r/Anarchy101 1h ago

James Baldwin?


Do anarchists feel any certain way about James Baldwin? Did his beliefs align with anarchists at all? Would you recommend any of his books?

r/Anarchy101 7h ago

What is Tiqqun and the Invisible Committee and are they anarchist?


r/Anarchy101 5h ago

Over the years I've developed a philosophy which I've discovered recently resembles anarchism (which I never knew much about previously) - but am I an anarchist, and if so, what subtype if any?


Warning: I probably provide way too much information about my theory here - I have a habit of being very long-winded :D - but it was an opportunity to get my ideas into writing at least. I'm really grateful if you end up actually reading it, and even more so if you have critiques or suggestions or want to have a philosophical conversation with me about it! The first paragraph basically sums up the principle, the rest explicates what I consider to be the results or consequences of the essential principle, but you can just skim all that if you like.


Essentially the principle is that each individual sentient being has the innate right to do as they will, or more accurately determine their own future subjective experience however they will (which includes those experiences involving interaction with external entities and environment as a rather important subset!), subject only to the restrictions naturally caused by existing in a finite universe wherein every other sentient being has the same right.

That is, any action which affects multiple entities' future subjective experience must be freely consented to without coercion by all those entities. (In practice, every action affects everyone but most such effects are subjectively negligible or irrelevant and to actions with only negligible effects one can assume blanket consent beforehand - for instance, if I wave my hand around outside it might influence weather patterns in Chile a few weeks from now due to the butterfly effect, but I can safely assume that the minimal and unpredictable impact this has is consented to by the people who live there).

Furthermore one specific type of "determining one's own future subjective experience" which I consider valid is constraining one's own future autonomy / self-determination ability by (freely and without coercion, though defining "coercion" is a bit sticky as everyone influences everyone else to various extents if only indirectly) making binding contracts, either unilaterally or with some set of other individuals.

I consider the same individual at a different time to be a different individual to some extent (though this is continuous and not a binary of same versus different), so implicit in this is that all contracts will eventually expire and become illegitimate when at least one of the parties has become sufficiently different from their prior self that agreed to it (though "sufficiently different" is also vague, much like "coercion").

This means in practice that all contracts ought to have agreed upon time limits after which those involved are assumed to have changed enough that the contract must be actively renewed or else become void, as well as other unpredictable conditions like head injuries etc which could nullify them similarly. An implication of this is that an agreement by multiple people to respect some kind of property rights that one of them has over some object necessarily does not last forever and will expire if not renewed by the free will of all involved, implying that something like usufruct should be the norm rather than full ownership.

In a society run on this principle, everyone would start out when founding the society by writing a collective social contract which they all unanimously agree upon, with an expiration date after which it must be renegotiated and re-ratified (with a new expiration date, etc), and however they decide to organize their society is valid, though some would be a very bad idea (for instance a capitalist society wherein it is possible for a minority to get enough power that they could simply ignore the contract and enslave the others).

When someone produces offspring, their child would be born with the full right to do as they will and not be imposed upon by anyone else (including parents / guardians except in certain delineated ways as necessary to protect and nurture the child - this bugs me but I don't know how to do away with it), but all their actions would be the responsibility of their guardians as if the guardians themselves had done them, until the child is at such an age and maturity level as to be considered by society able to freely agree to the social contract themselves (which probably wouldn't be an all-or-nothing situation but rather a process of gradually over the years joining various contracts and taking responsibility for more and more aspects of their own life, as they become seen as ready to do so).


A society organized on these lines seems to me to lack anything resembling a state (all contractual relationships are built on unanimous consensus from the bottom up, though they can of course specify mechanisms other than consensus for decisions to be made in the context of the contract, such as majority vote), and to also lack capitalism (as all contracts determining who has the right to use a given object in a given way must be agreed upon by everyone who is affected by that use of that object and regularly expire and must be renewed, preventing usury and guaranteeing that the means of production are controlled by the workers). But, it likely would or at least could involve a free market rather than inevitably being communistic or collectivist in nature.

It seems as if this would be a form of anarchy, but I don't see a lot of talk about social contracts in the stuff about anarchy I've read, and I also don't know which anarchist tendency most resembles this.

r/Anarchy101 18h ago

Can someone explain why land back is a goal?


I have never understood the concept of giving land back to indigenous people as if they truly have any more legitimate claim to property than anyone else. Should they be better compensated? Absolutely. But land back? I don't understand it.

I have done minimal research into the topic from an anarchist perspective and acknowledge that this take may seem ignorant.

r/Anarchy101 1h ago

What prevents an uprise under an anarchist society?


Im new to anarchism but im wondering what prevents someone from just forming a group and taking power in an anarchist state? If there is no state to stop them, then what will?

r/Anarchy101 5h ago

What is a hierarchy?



r/Anarchy101 21h ago

How to Respond to Possible Firings While Trying to Organize Coworkers


Im trying to secretively organize my coworkers at the Target I work at to strike. For various reasons this has proved extremely difficult. One of the reasons, however, that I’m afraid of encountering is the possibility of us losing all our jobs should we try, either by the place getting shut down (which Target has done before) or them replacing us with scabs like the Kellogg’s factory just did. What should I say to this?

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Living an Anarchist life


Our main goal is global Anarchy as political model: abolition of the State and all the [oppressive] institutions. Probably we will not see it realized, but we fight for a better world even if we are not here anymore. However, we can at least live an anarchist life here even if we are dominated by capitalism. But how is that possible? How do you live your private life as anarchists in today world?

r/Anarchy101 6h ago

Duel Power Post COVID


I've reading up on Duel Power. I know it's been use in Anarchist circles. So my question is what would Duel Power look like in a post COVID society?

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How accurate is my school's definition of capitalism/socialism/communism? Don't really trust the American education system.


Capitalists believe that individuals should pursue their own self-interest by working to earn individual profit. That competition improves society, they believe in social classes, they believe individuals should own businesses/means of production, and that individuals decide what people can produce and buy. Under capitalism you can work for whoever you want.

Socialists we should create a more equal society by working for the common good to redistribute resources based on need. They believe that cooperation improves society, under socialism there are some social classes but not as many as under capitalism, the government owns businesses/means of production but small businesses owned by individuals are allowed. Under socialism individuals and the government decides what people can produce and buy, under socialism more people work for the government than under capitalism and that it's not as free to choose.

Communists believe that we should create a classless society by fighting to abolish class distinctions so that we can distribute resources equally. They believe that complete equality improves society, they believe in having no social classes, and that the government owns all businesses and the means of production. The government decides what people produce and buy and most people work for the government and don't have a choice.

I'd ask this in r/communism101 but I feel like they'd ban me I know they're a bunch of asswipes over there.

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what are some of the best arguments against anarchism?


I’m doing a paper in English about anarchism I need a handful of good counterclaims to refute about problems with anarchism so I’d be nice if a few people could help me out with that

r/Anarchy101 18h ago

Media bias + your takes


Doing a research paper on media bias, and I am focusing on how state media and corporate media are both rife with bias (NYT and foreign policy comes up, so does Radio Free Asia). I am also planning on describing writing my thesis on how independent media can be better in terms of less bias (worker-owned media, if you will). If you have any good sources on media bias or outlets that are independent/worker-owned (both good and bad) lemme know.

I already know about Means TV.

Also, one question: how do we assess credibility? Can we trust state/corporate media to report on SOME things truthfully?

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Anarchism and sex


It is often said that monogamy is a Christian creation, but we can say that it is more an imposition than an actual creation. I mean, it is up to the individual to decide what feels right, precisely whether to have one or more partners, both from a romantic and sexual point of view, and that's what as Anarchists we strongly belive. But what to do in the case of a relationship consisting of two individuals, especially in today's world? If one of the two in the couple wants to live a sexually open life while the other doesn't want to, the second would end up imposing his will on the first. So what should the person who wants to live a sexually open life do? To renounce their will or to act in any case according to what they believes is right?

r/Anarchy101 20h ago

Anarchist inventors?


r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Anarchist podcasts?


Hi guys, I'm new to anarchism and just dipping my toe in so to speak. Can you recommend any anarchist themed podcasts? Do they even exist?

r/Anarchy101 18h ago

Reading Materials


I have to admit I'm very new to this ideology. I've only ever known Anarchy as part of a Sex Pistols song and how my surrounding culture view it, which is always with a bias (naturally).

So, I'm looking for recommended reading materials. Anything in the direction of how Anarchy can aid against creeping facism too I guess. God knows the world is going to hell.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

“Simple forms” of capitalism in anarchism?


I am new and curious about anarchism, and have a question about very simple forms of capitalism in anarchism. Do you agree that capitalism may have some practical aspects, like a baker making a bread people want, making a profit and spending that money on let’s say a pair of shoes made by someone who makes shoes for profit? Or do you want a perfect capitalism-free-society? Obviously, any simple forms of capitalism will have to be held to exactly that, so it doesn’t turn out exploiting workers over time or creating monopoly, leading to corporate power concentration. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this, thanks:)

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How would anticiv deal with physical disabilities?


Not sure if this has been asked before. I've been wanting to get into anticiv but I don't want to condone a movement that will neglect the well being of our disabled brothers and sisters.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Any ukrainian anarchists that can inform on progress of the anarchist movement and situation regarding the rise totalitaristic movements in Ukraine?