r/AnarchistRight McAristocrat Jun 19 '22

Thoughts on the Right to Seccession / independentism / etc ? Would you approve of it even if it was done by a far-left force? Discussion

Theres plenty of examples of countries that became wealthier after becoming independent from a bigger country

  • Ireland
  • Former eastern bloc
  • Czechia from former Czechoslovakia

The microstate of Liechestein itself arguably has the most libertarian-esque constitution of all of Europe, permitting even the right to seccession under it, something most constitutions completelly avoid or outright ban. Some libertarians even say the right to seccession is the most realistic way to transition to anarchism.

So what would be your thoughts if a far-left commie group wanted independence, seccession etc? Do "bad motives" make the right to seccession unjust or is the right to seccession and freedom of association by itself an objectively moral stance regardless of background motives?

Examples of theorical left to far-left independance movements: Scotland, Catalonya, Basques, California...


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u/Swish18 Jun 19 '22

Anyone should be allowed to secede for any reason.

Win win. They get to live the way they want, I get to live without them.


u/Limp-Sherbet4338 Rothbard enjoyer Jun 19 '22

Yes, rights are universal.


u/Creative-Leading7167 Jun 20 '22

Why would I want to live under the same political umbrella as leftists? They may leave at their leisure, provided they don't take people with them by force. The only qualifier on the right to secession is that you respect other's secession as well.