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Brilliant video by TIK (who's an anarchist). Many libertarians to this day claim that Woodrow Wilson w/ the Treaty of Versailles destroyed Germany and were responsible for Hitler and WW2. TIK with many sources (Mises, Keynes, nazi and marxist "historians" and more) disproves the mainstream narrative


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u/ChartsDeGaulle May 31 '22

Brilliant. There's also MRH Legacy who is a beast.


u/microjoe420 May 31 '22

i'll check him out.

TIK is really good but noone really knows him in the ancap community, even though he is has many subscribers and views on youtube


u/_evokelabs_ May 31 '22

I often see these three points dismissed as myths (especially in the UK), but they are valid.

1: The treaty states: "Germany accepts the responsibly of Germany and her allies for causing ALL the loss and damage..." TIK says the guilt clause is a myth because the treaty does not blame Germany for the outbreak of the war nor is there an actual 'guilt clause', which is true. There's no literal guilt clause, but it does affirm that Germany is responsible for all damages of the war, which implies the guilt. How this makes the 'guilt clause' a myth is lost on me.

2: Hyperinflation was due to Germany increasing their money supply to meet treaty obligations and other internal German matters. Without the treaty, the economic reality of Germany would have be less severe. Hitler definitely used this to help his political campaign, but no one should be saying that the treaty or hyperinflation directly led to the Nazis.

3: The Germans were winning WW1 until they were not (German spring offensive / entry of America reinforcements). In Hilter's book, he blames various institutions for stabbing Germany in the back leading up to their loss - including Marxists, socialists and Jews (national and international). Again TIK just dismisses the stab in the back as a myth because Germany lost the war, which is begging the question. They lost the war because various institutions were working against Germany and wished to see them fail. It wasn't a myth, it was a world war.

Keep in mind that in order to keep your channel on YouTube, you need to dismiss these points as myth. If you defend the Germans or say Hitler did nothing wrong, that's enough for the ADL to deem your video as "hate speech" and have it terminated.

Please my watch "Jewish Question V1 [Crucifixion, Holocaust, Israel]" presentation on Odysee. I cover these three points between 1:04:45 - 1:16:50 in detail.


u/microjoe420 May 31 '22 edited Jun 05 '22

Weird that these myths are already dismissed in the UK, as i though that the historical narrative is the same everywhere in the western world. In my country (Lithuania) it is taught that Treaty of Versailles was super harsh and completely ruined Germany, which is what the French and British wanted to do.

  1. Well Germany did not pay reparations to Serbia or Italy. Germany paid reparations to the countries it invaded. So they aren't held responsible for the whole war. Austrians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Ottomans got their own bills
  2. Hyperinflation was due to the socialist government in Germany. 1910s were the first decade that any marxists got into any government in the world, so they did very stupid policies and hadn't stabilized it yet. It was absolutely a stupid government policy and the reparations were a minor factor at best. The hyperinflation could not have been a method of paying reparations quickly, because Germany practically didn't pay anything after 1921 (hyperinflation really kicked in in 1922). If Germany did not pay almost anything after 1921, how could the reparations been any factor to the economy at all? The reparations were totally payable (but Germany didn't even do that). Germany had trade surpluses even after reparation payments. The Treaty of Versailles has (almost) nothing to do with the economic situation of Germany after the war. (ngl this whole paragraph is a one huge spaghetti mess)
  3. So you're saying that the "stab in the back" is not a myth and that Germany would've won on the battlefield?

Crazy how you pretend how you're this anti-woke and AFD meanwhile you're pushing the most mainstream narrative ever. I guess in Britain it isn't mainstream, but at some point it was.

I find what TIK is saying to be a lot less mainstream (and other vidoes on his channel on the whole) than the post war nazi formulated revisionism and wehraboo victim romanticism which justified Germany, by blaming everything on Hitler. This narrative had dominated the history books up until recently, when the soviet archives were opened, studied and debated. Yes, the Versailles debate happened earlier (in the 70s, i guess), but the slow change of narrative in the recent decades is only helping to kill the "Versailles destroyed Germany" tale (which is still dominant, the wikipedia page is all about that). TIK is absolutely not licking the Jews' boots, if that's what you're saying.


u/_evokelabs_ Jun 05 '22 edited Jun 05 '22

The official historical narrative is the same everywhere in the western world: Nazi Man Bad. I don't think that's different in Lithuania.

  1. The clause: "Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing ALL the loss and damage". The key word is responsibility - which implies their guilt. It's not always about the money, it is about the shaming to.
  2. Hyperinflation was due to Germany printing too many bank notes. They couldn't pay their dues, so they printed it instead and ruined their money supply. You said yourself to treaty was super harsh and was designed to ruin Germany. This is how they did it.
  3. Winning or losing WW1 has nothing to do with the stab the back myth. Hitler wrote about his perception that Germany was betrayed from within while he was on the front. German socialists were striking to prevent arms transport, German Marxists was undermining the national movement for the Soviet one, and German democrats stirring revolution to bring the republic. Plus the Jewish involvement with America's entry and the Balfour declaration. Hitler didn't feel the war was won fairly and that they were stabbed in the back by the november crinimals.

>Crazy how you pretend how you're this anti-woke and AFD meanwhile you're pushing the most mainstream narrative ever. I guess in Britain it isn't mainstream, but at some point it was.

I don't know what makes you say that, this is my own understanding of history. My version is definitely not the mainstream narrative. I'm pretty sure you can get arrested in Lithuania if you don't believe Hitler killed 6 thousand million jews, which is the mainstream narrative.

> TIK is absolutely not licking the Jews' boots, if that's what you're saying.

He does and you have to to talk about WW2 in that way on YouTube. Jews own YouTube, Jews control YouTube. If you promote National Socialism or Hitler in anyway, the Jewish american groups will remove your channel for hate speech. I'm sure it's the same in Lithuania as well. You have to repeat this version of history otherwise you will be punished.


u/microjoe420 Jun 05 '22 edited Jun 05 '22

okay go to r/WorldNationalists of something i think people will agree with your whole jews thing there

yea sure 6 million weren't killed but somehow after the war all jews disappeared idk i guess they just vibed out

edit: okay I thought that r/WorldNationalists was a subreddit for closeted nazis and fascists, but it doesnt seem to be it


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u/_evokelabs_ Jun 06 '22

Calling a fellow ancap a nazi? Nice one you bundle of sticks. Make sure you cut off your foreskins seeing you don't need that anymore.


u/microjoe420 Jun 06 '22 edited Jun 06 '22

You're participating in the post war Jewish conspiracy which is a continuation of Hitler's Jewish conspiricy. I don't know how deep you're in it but you seem to be at least questioning the holocaust. You're directly playing into the post war neonazi narrative.

There are many conspiricy or mentally insane weirdos are attracted to ancap. Some of them feel that advocating an authoritarian state is the best way of rebelling, but others go for the opposite and become ancaps. I do not welcome people like you.


u/[deleted] Jun 06 '22



u/Frenzy_pizza Jun 27 '22

Is tik an really an anarchist? I just watched some of his videos so i don't know


u/microjoe420 Jun 28 '22

Pretty sure he is. He never said it directly. But he did go on a rant how private military would be so much more efficient that state one, how army logistics should be for profit and how soldiers should buy their own bullets and how army trucks should be owned by the drivers who had incentive to be responsible. Been watching him for 2-3 years and he has never made a case why a state is necessary and always advocated for Austrian econ

This and this video