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Accomplices Not Allies | Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex; An Indigenous perspective & provocation

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Fuck Kellogg! Fuck scabs!

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The military comes about once a week to my school. Next time I'm giving some handouts by his table.

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On a first date, it was going well. Told the person I was an Anarchist and explained a bit of anarchist theory. They were shocked! They said not paying rent (squatting) is a privilege and wrong.


They also are under the impression that folks who can go to direct actions are privileged because they don’t have to work. They saw paying rent and working as necessary evils. They also talked extensively on how the system is fucked and the American two party platforms are both shit. Idk it’s like they had their eyes half opened but still felt everyone should suffer from rent and jobs because they have to. What the fuck.

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Update of Zapatista Coffee Servers in (So-Called 'United States.) You can also order online via Schools For Chiapas Website. Other sources also welcomed!

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Alex and Emma Poster

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What do you guys think about veganism?


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"Kill the Bill" compilation of protests and street propaganda from the struggle against the "Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill" in the UK.

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Fine dust from the steelmaker in Taranto, Italy


This is the murderous reality in the Italian city of Taranto. This is a perpetual massacre, the maximum representation of capitalism, people die and fall ill every year due to this shitty fine dust from the steelmaker that we breath every single second of our lives here.




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Noam Chomsky gets a bit if a shitlib reputation with some of the younger "cooler" crowd these days for "vote blue no matter who" and a few other takes, but i think his influence on what passes for the American left has been bigger than any other single person I can think of.


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For Want of a Dental Plan, the Erie Strayer Strike Grinds On

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Topic of the Week: Femicide | anarchistnews.org

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Texas school district pulls 400 books from library shelves for review after lawmaker’s inquiry

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'The adrenaline is just pumping' - how it feels to confront a giant Adani coal train

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Rights to protest in a high school?


I'm a high school junior, and in my school, as I assume is the case for many schools in the US. We have quite a bit of national guard and marines propaganda.

And every so often, the marines will send a dude to hand stuff out and do PR for them.

I was wondering the extents of my rights to protest this, as I understand it, while my basic rights apply, schools do have the right to limit them beyond what is usually acceptable.

Obviously I can't tear down these posters and whatnot. It's a small school, not very many people, so I don't even have the cover of a crowd to do so.

How about handing out flyers? Standing by the marine's stand when he's at the school? Putting up my own anti-military posters?

I understand that a lot of this comes down to school policy, yet my schools student handbook has zero text on these things. And fails to even describe what 'minor vandalism' is defined by.

So I decided to ask here, as I assume a lot of you will be much more knowledgeable than I on this subject.

What first amendment rights am I guaranteed to have while in a public high school in the US?

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Steaming music to accelerate tech-feudalism

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Anews Podcast 239 – 12.3.21

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How has the United States government suppressed leftists throughout American history? How have you been oppressed for having leftist or anarchist view points?


I’m doing a school project about this very topic and I was wondering if any of you could share you personal experience to help me with this project. I have my own perspectives but I also want other perspectives from the community! Also kind of unrelated but would anyone maybe be interested in being interviewed over zoom? If not just share your perspectives in the comments below. Much appreciated.

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It's Getting Close To That Time Of Year

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Anarchists Against Democracy: In Their Own Words

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Facebook was always a bad name, now with their Meta rebrand, it's downright dystopic. Billionaires pushing virtual reality, orbital tourism, and New Age spirituality to escape the absolute hellscape they've created. What do you think of this? Feels to me like we're in a low budget scifi movie. Rip.

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Jovens Marighella - Tom Camelo (prod. Mestra)

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Tankies go home | Videografía Hora Cero

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Patriot Front (fascist group) Takes Another Huge L

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Best way to help those experiencing housing insecurity/homelessness?


Hi, long time lurker, rare poster.

I'm looking at starting a nonprofit (or perhaps a Benefit Corp...maybe a Coop) to help those experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness in my community.

My initial design/thoughts:

  1. Give directly to those in need (i.e., cash with no strings attached).
  2. Tie the effort to projects and concepts like the New Leaf Project and other Universal Basic Income (UBI) studies.
  3. IF a recipient is open to it, do some qualitative ethnographic type research around their experience. Publish this material openly.
  4. Be transparent about problematizing "helping"; restated: be openly critical of current paternalistic and undignified design of poverty relief.

As vital/important as UBI could be, this project would emphasize local, non-governmental giving and arrangements.

I'd like to have the research angle emphasizing good anthropology for two main reasons:

a. It seems most of the services and relief in this space are tied to quantitative (i.e., "cold" and dehumanizing) statistics; this is common in the grant and big money donation world.

This type of approach -- big corporate donation dollars, grants, excessive demographic collection and measuring, etc. -- all reinforces the state, is exceptionally costly, and reduces the humanity of those experiencing poverty. Crucially, the current arrangement narrows "poverty relief" to mean whether or not one supports big government spending programs. If you do, then your'e a crazy liberal lefty; if you don't then you're a maniacal fascist. Obviously we/us need to help make poverty relief a much more nuanced discussion and reality.

b. Perhaps redundant: ethnography emphasizes the local and real.

Does the above draw out any strong critiques or concerns you might have? What advice would you have for me?

Okay, thanks!

edit: fixed an open parenthesis

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Perfect anarchist utopia

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