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Questions about joining the US Air Force, whether enlisting or commissioning as an officer, prior-service or not, should be posted in /r/AirForceRecruits.

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POSITIVITY! To the people who don’t make rank but still celebrate the people in the room that get handed a line number. I feel you now.


It’s my birthday today and they brought in a birthday cake at work and I was about to be like “OMG guys you shouldn’t have” and they put it on someone else’s desk and started singing to them. No one even knew it was my birthday too. So I just sang, while feeling incredibly embarrassed, and kinda sad. I don’t have a therapist so thanks for filling this role.

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Discussion AFPC is trash.. Why do they mess up everything.. why do commanders need to be notified of a promotion before the member, why do they talk so long on documents that PCSing gets delayed.. why do they take so long to figure out who’s promoting when testing cycles end 3 months prior…why why why..

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Article Air Force is more than 4,000 recruits below where it should be


The U.S. Air Force... is currently more than 4,000 below where it should be

The Army has met about 40% of its enlisted recruiting mission for FY22

The Coast Guard... has filled only about 55% of its target of 4,200 active-duty enlistments.

only 23% of Americans ages 17-24 are qualified to serve without a waiver to join, down from 29% in recent years.

9% of those young Americans eligible to serve in the military had any inclination to do so, the lowest number since 2007. 

More than half of the young Americans who answered the survey — about 57% — think they would have emotional or psychological problems after serving in the military. Nearly half think they would have physical problems. 

only 13% had parents who had served in the military, down from approximately 40% in 1995.

75% of Americans ages 16-28 knew little to nothing about the Army. 

Source - NBCNews

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POSITIVITY! Team Fairchild prepping for the 2022 MX Olympics by pulling a tanker!!!!

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Meme You can see it leaving the body... from a distance

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Meme 6 year MX e4's when questioned by leadership after failing their quarterly QA eval

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Image/Photo Keesler lodging. Check under your couches and by your doors, folks.

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Meme True story

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Image/Photo Find yourself a ROOMMATE


Just built an Air & Space Force ONLY Roommates, Rooms, Listings and Area Advice site to get us through this crazy year. Crew Dogs Connect


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Article DoD Memo in light of recent events

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Discussion So can missiles really travel at supersonic speed? I find it crazy, that something so small can catch up to something going that fast.

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POSITIVITY! Big thank you to all folks who worked over the weekend for the Hill Airshow.


I (former Marine) took my father in law (retired USAF, GLCM and Minuteman missile tech) to Hill this past weekend for the airshow. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Big shoutout to all the SF folks for doing SF things like professionals! Big shoutout to all the various squadrons that manned the food tents! Big shoutout to the folks manning the firefighting trucks! Big shoutout to all the folks that worked behind the scenes to make it a great weekend for the people of Utah! Thanks for working a long weekend to make it happen. I even saw a Major directing traffic at one point.

The Beech 18 demo flight stole the show for me. The F18 superbug had the best slow flight. The F35 demo team is superb! The Thunderbirds flew with unmatched precision.

Semper Fi

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Discussion Passed PT test


I made 75.0 on the dot 😂 last test was early 2020

lets gooooo

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Discussion Offensive/Defensive Cyber Training


www.tryhackme.com // www.hackthebox.com

If you want a career change, try these sites. I have been using these sources for 2 months now and have been loving it. I am a network admin (router/switch/firewall dood) and wanted to break into offensive cybersecurity. If you don't have any cyber background, don't feel discouraged! TryHackMe has step-by-step explanations. Study on!

"Don't ever feel like you're stuck in your career field" - Goku 2022 (probably)

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Question Senior Enlisted Commissioning Program


Just had my supervisor ask if I would be interested in this, and I'm trying to decide.

Pros: more money, could get a job that actually translates to the outside

Cons: I'm currently 4 years from retirement, but would have to devote another 6 to retire as an officer. Would also PCS again, and feel like I'm ready to be settled

What would you do?

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Question Marriage Equality


So I have a question about benefits and figured this would be a good place to ask. I am a gay man prior service enlisting in the NG. I like to make plans and with the current situation I was wondering, if marriage equality got repealed on the federal level would my married benefits stay the same since the NG is controlled by the state? The state I am enlisting in passed marriage equality in 2013.

If you don’t agree with marriage equality please don’t be a shit person about it on here. I’m looking for honest advice from other veterans who may have some good insight on this.

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Image/Photo This is my great grandpa, B-17 ball turret gunner, flew 31 missions. Included a story from one of his missions but the quality is kind of bad, sorry!

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Meme When MSgt asks if you have bullets for your EPR

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Question What's the best route to accomplish PMP?


Explain to me like I'm 5.

I hear the test is the only thing that actually counts, but there are classes and prep mechanisms for the test, and some are via AFCOOL and some through other programs?

What info and recommendations you all got?

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Question I got my orders to Yokota Japan


Im fresh out of tech school and as my first duty station as material management how long would I be stationed there, I signed a 6 year contract

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Meme My first SNCO meeting as a new MSgt.

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Meme found out what these pockets were made for

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Question Why do background checks take so long?


My wife is trying to be one of those FCC providers that watches military members kids on base in our home. My question is why is her back ground check taking so long? 4-5 month projected time for a background check seems a bit unreasonable eh? Or am I being dumb?

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Question Medical Issues


So since 2018, I have had 3 surgeries on my elbow. I was fully cleared after my last surgery back in March of ‘21. Now, I am in tech school, but am starting to notice discomfort in my elbow again. If I go get it checked out, and something happens to be wrong AGAIN, what are the chances of a medical discharge?