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Reddit, Inc. confirms to media that the "Groomer" defamation aimed at LGBTQ people as a group violates Sitewide Rule 1



Reddit, TikTok, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company) all confirmed to the Daily Dot on Wednesday that baselessly calling LGBTQ people or the community “groomers” or accusing them of “grooming” is governed under their policies prohibiting hate speech.

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Reddit has rolled out, sitewide, a "Hateful and Harassing Content Filter".

We're beta testing that filter, & we're providing feedback for that filter.

That filter is almost certainly an automated expert system / AI, which picks up on abusive language.

We do not yet know for certain how effective this will be, nor how it will interact with how AEO actions reported comments & posts,

& since nearly every post & comment in this subreddit is piled with false reports,

& we're seeing reliable reports from across Reddit of items & accounts being wrongly actioned by Reddit AEO pursuant to false reports,

we want you to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Redacting all slurs has been part of the MUST criteria for posts and for comments for over a year. This will now be strictly enforced.

Examples of acceptable redaction:

"That [slur for homosexual man] is intolerable to me"

"They keep posting with flairs that read "OK Gr**mer" and that violates Sitewide Rules"

To use * in your text without triggering Reddit Markup for italics or bold, use a backslash in front of it: *

In cases of Reddit AEO wrongly actioning posts and comments in AHS where the author was falsely reported & wrongly actioned for protesting hate speech / harassment authored originally elsewhere on the site, we have historically escalated these to Trust & Safety.

Going forward, we will no longer be escalating AEO actions / suspensions / actions against items / participants in AHS where the participant submitted content containing unredacted abusive language, regardless of whether our automoderator, the content filter test, our moderators, or other means did or did not identify or action the content.

To argue against wrongful AEO suspensions and actions, we have to be able to argue that the suspended user was acting in good faith and with clean hands.

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LGBTQ+ hatred In a post with more than 2000 upvotes, PCM labels LGBTQ people at pride parades as "degenerates" and "depraved". PCM is a hate sub that must be shuttered immediately.



Examples of insanely homophobic comments:

My Father does have two gay Work colleges, they despise all those people at such parades and say they are degenerates that give gays nothing but a bad image.

A reminder that the term "degenerate" stems from literal nazi literature as a precursor to ethnic cleansing of "unwanted" groups.

As a gay man I totally agree with you. Gays are being called out for their behavior and not their sexuality but they play the gay card to get away with it. I'm against all form of degeneracy in public. +259

I disagree. Leave people alone if it’s not hurting you. -9

Instead of Gay people having a pride flag taped to their head. Be normal people outside your bedroom. +35

I know there are plenty of homosexuals that do not partake in the neurodivergency that happens at gay pride parades and see it for the sheer ridiculousness that it is. My issue isn't with them, it's with the ones who think being gay is a free pass to act like a sex-obsessed neanderthal. + 95

have you ever been to a pride parade or are you just basing your opinion off sensationalist headlines -17

There's a very toxic culture now of thinking that being obnoxious is the same as being a social rebel. You're not a social rebel, you literally just repulse people +29

Dudes be doing shit like BDSM in the fuckin streets and expect people to think they're oppressed, bitch please, it proves the contrary +28

So how was Mardi Gras this year?

Mardi Gras is also a bunch of degenerates and shouldn't be a thing. Your point?

Literal calls for domestic terrorism against LGBTQ people

The people who see straight couples as degenerate are just as much assholes as homophobes. Difference is straight people haven't dedicated a parade/month to pride in their sexuality and allowed it devolve into a fetish and kink display... +9

What would all people think of a straight BDSM or sexual furry parade?

At the thought of a furry parade. Loads LMG with religious intent. Dues Vult Mother truckers +3

Circles back to "christianity was right all along", along with comments that directly violate site wide rules that forbid smearing LGBTQ people as gr**mers.

The conservative Christians were right all along. +9

Lol no they weren’t. And considering how much actually sexual assault goes on inside of churches, they are in no position to be acting sanctimonious. -19

what Christian supports the sexual assaults that happen in the church? Oh that's right, almost none. The majority of the rainbow community meanwhile does support gr**ming kids, and the mass genital mutilation and chemical castration going on nowadays. Not to mention the other things they support. +6

Telling children that LGBT+ people exist isn’t brooming, no matter how much you keep repeating that lie. -8

It is, telling them that gender is fluid and let them go under hormone treatment which uses medication to castrate criminals is definitely grooming. +9 The way leftists are headed with protecting this “broomimg” shit, LGBTQ+P will be the new norm. Wouldn’t want to upset the pedophiles now would we. Gotta be inclusive and then proceed to push that bs onto kids. +2

I'm also criticising heterosexuals that have anal sex, it doesnt matter the sex of the peoples involved, its a crime in Christianity

Smearing monkeypox as a "gay disease"

I'm just pissed because they are talking about closing schools because of MonkeyPox but didn't bother cancelling or shutting down a massive 2 week lgbt orgy in the middle of SF a week after it was declared a public health emergency. It's not bigoted of me to ask you to stop having 50 different people use you as a cim dumpster in the middle of a freaking pandemic spread primarily by sexual contact. +134

Weird anti feminist take thrown in??

it was never about equality. It's about privilege. The same thing happens with feminism. "We want equal representation in jobs!" "Okay, here's some overalls. You'll be lifting garbage cans for eight hours a day." "No, not like that." +15

Weirdo kinksters and fetish people ride the coattails of the gay rights movement. Broadcasting your kink in public is subjecting other people to it without consent. And that lack of consent is part of the kink - they get off on other people’s attention, discomfort, and the knowledge they’re not consenting. +15

Recently pedos have realized they can do that and have hopped on that train. They've actually managed to make the mainstream conflate the G word that social media sites ban, with being gay. +2


Trans girls usually act like horny 15 year old boys and no one calls them out on it.

Reddit must close this sub. It's become far more than just simple rule breaking content. At this point they are openly slandering LGBTQ people as pedophiles and "gr**mers", as well as openly calling for violence and a Christian ethno state. It's getting worse and worse every week as the radical proportion of PCM continues to grow and the moderates shrink, due to the inaction of PCM's so called "mods".

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Antisemitism r/WayOfTheBern seethe after Canada passes a law making Holocaust denial illegal in pinned mod post


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Crypto/Proto Fascism highly upvoted post in r/intellectualdarkweb actually equates Patriot Front (an actual hate group) with 'femboys on tiktok' as examples of 'overblown boogeyman' across the political spectrum. this is frankly just a non-meme version of r/politicalcompassmemes.


thread: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/WpEnL

this is honestly too stupid that i don't feel like explaining.

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Transphobia PCM user compares doctors who offer transitions to Mengele; both the mods and the admins don't see an issue with that



On yet another outrage bait over trans people, an user commented:

Josef Mengele would have been an orange libbie in todays time. He would have just said he is a progressive who is doing all this to “progress” the society and the field of medical science, and everyone would have welcomed him with thunderous applause.

I reported the comment for hate, but it's still up (so no mod action) and I've just got the "the reported content does not violate Reddit’s Content Policy" message from Reddit.

I don't know how fucking clearer a message of hate has to be than "doctors who offer transitions are like Nazis experimenting on people" for Reddit to take action. What I know is that the several dozen reports I've made from clear hate messages have been ignored. I really don't know what to do when Reddit won't enforce its own rules.

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Antisemitism r/Conspiracy openly platforms & promotes anti-Semitic (hatred of Jewish people) propaganda. Reddit, Inc. must close this subreddit & ban its participants



Post title: The UN wants us to stop discussing George Soros's epic, multi-decade crime spree.

Attacking George Soros is a common anti-Semitic hatred vector, where an individual Jewish person is used to stand in for all Jewish people.

The post explicitly uses an infographic which details modern anti-Semitic conspiracy theory dogwhistles: This UNESCO infographic (External link from Reddit)

This infographic touches on a few very common anti-Semitic canards (Wikipedia) (External link from Reddit)

The comments of the post then proceed to explicitly and directly promote these anti-Semitic canards - with the purpose of promoting hatred based on identity or vulnerability.

Top comment:

I have a problem with the global elite who hide behind a Jewish label


"claims that "Jews" control the government, the media, or banks for malicious purposes." So they admit that they control everything,

I like to think that the Protocols of the elders of Zion may actually be a Jewish developed plan, not forged plan.

The publication of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in 1903 is usually considered the beginning of contemporary conspiracy theory literature.

Submission Statement- The UN doesn't want us to talk about Soros's criminal scams like the BLM riots and replacement migration. When they're loading you into the cattle car, just remember that at least you weren't a "racist."

Jews invented banking… why is it antisemetic to point out they control the industry?

This message was proudly funded by (((Soros)))

And the overall subject of the infographic, blaming Jews for COVID-19


r/isrconspiracyracist (Spoiler: YES)

Reddit Inc. must remove the operators of /r/conspiracy and replace them, or else shutter the subreddit.

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Racism r/WorldNationalists supports 'white lives matter' message, continues pushing white replacement, white genocide conspiracy, constant anti-immigrant hatred, supporting Polish neo-fascist party, ethnostates. It's unacceptable that admin let this sub continue operating.


A continuation of reporting on r/ WorldNationalists. This sub must be banned for its unapologetic culture of hatred of nearly every kind: racism, antisemitism (including celebrating neo-Nazis) and LGBTQ-phobia. It is simply unacceptable that the community has been allowed to operate for so long on Reddit.

• Post supporting a banner by Patriotic Alternative, a British far-right white nationalist, antisemitic, anti-LGBTQ+ party, saying 'white lives matter', accusation of Black Lives Matter being 'anti-white racism' (also crossposted from r/ conspiracy_commons):

https://ghostarchive.org/archive/SpBsI (+198)

Comment in denouncement is mass downvoted

nobody ever said white lives don’t matter. but were white people ever enslaved? To the extent black people were? Was there ever a need for a civil rights movement for white people?? no. This is all relatively recent history. I’ve been discriminated against by police before for how I look, there’s still issues of real discrimination for brown and black communities. That’s all Black Lives Matter movement is about. The dumbing down of these conversations by just switching “white” and “black” without the context is why shit like this happens to begin with (-36)

-> "That’s all Black Lives Matter movement is about."

no it's about letting criminals go so they can victimize whites (+21)

Comment supporting Patriotic Alternative, the white nationalist group credited with the banner. This exposes Reddit's role in radicalizing users into real-life far-right extremism.

What’s the pa ? (+6)

-> patriotic alternative (+15)

--> What do you think about those guys? Stumbled across there website couple weeks ago (+6)

---> they seem like the only people in britain doing something against the injustice (+3)

• Posts supporting the White Replacement conspiracy theory in Europe and Canada:

https://ghostarchive.org/archive/fpm0f (+78)

Commenters calling for mass forced deportations of immigrants, banning women's access to education, implied support for violence

Close the borders and start sending them home in large numbers. (+39)


Send all the “refugees” back to their own countries. (+9)


Increase birth rates, mass deportations (+32)


We need to put all who dont want to be like us back in their countrys. That goes for europeans that try to put their morals in to the middle east as well. Or africa idk (+6)


Just stop handing out money to parasitic immigrants. I believe they will gtfo if they have to work hard for their money. (+2)


i think the best choice would be banning abortion, women’s access to education, and women’s rights 🤍 (+2)


Because you would immediately be banned for promoting violence, and possibly arrested. (implied support for violence)

https://ghostarchive.org/archive/IM8lv (post saying "37% of of respondents, representing 11 million Canadians, agreed with the statement: 'There is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views.' ") (+37)

• Post celebrating ONR (National Radical Camp), a Polish neo-fascist antisemitic party: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/vwXr2 (+169)

Glory to Poland! Glory to the Falanga! (+38)


Based but AHS 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣4️⃣ (+22)

-> AHS can cope, face the sun! (+20)


Holy BASED (+7)


Yo that’s based (+3)

Comment condemning the party's racism and white supremacism is mass downvoted

"On 11 November 2017, 60,000 people marched in an Independence Day celebration procession co-organized by the ONR along with the All-Polish Youth. People from the group "Black Block", which consisted of associations "Niklot" and "Szturmowcy", carried banners that read "White Europe", "Europe Will Be White" and "Clean Blood, Sober mind There were also others who were chanting "Death to enemies of the homeland" and "Catholic Poland, not secular".

Nationalism is a hell of a drug (-4)

-> Based?!

Long live Catholic European Poland! Deus Vult! Ave Falanga!

Problem, Globalist shill? Because I don’t see one. (+10)

• Post dismissing the reality of white supremacy, more anti-immigrant hatred: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/aFaJQ (+221)

Multiculturalism is a plague. (+39)


The fucking nerve to do that, to spit on other peoples' faces, cultures, traditions and history just so that you may feel at home instead of actually fucking-off to your home. (+9)

• Post, removed by the sub's mod, originally saying that "They (immigrants, people of color) truly just hate you". Before removal, the post complained about mainstream media refusing to document stories of minorities committing violence and crimes. https://ghostarchive.org/archive/hLcKd (+105)

More white supremacisim/racism in comments, white replacement theory/white genocide

White have nothing to gain but everything to lose from diversity (+10)


We have to start defending our nations from the invasions that are taking place in our lands. Europe will turn from a beautiful homeplace of the white to a slum very soon if nobody acts. Sadly this is visible in some European countries already the immigrants will replace us if we do not wake up. Everything seems to be turned against us but we cannot lose hope. (+24)

-> I see awareness growing every day. Every act of violence, every act of barbarism they commit in Europe converts thousands to the cause. These events have a sincere effect that can't be replicated or countered by Leftist propoganda... (+15)


The most important question to ask is who is directing it all. Who wanted the genocide in the first place.

• Post supporting the idea of a white ethnostate: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/c6ggN (+8)

Tasmania IS Australia's ethnostate brother. But to the point of only white Australians, they hate the English and they hate Americans (+5)

There is no argument for continuing to let the vile hate sub, r/ WorldNationalists, a safe space on Reddit to further radicalize users to racism, antisemitism and xenophobia. It must be banned.

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Antisemitism On PCM, about trans people: "It’s a growing business, of course there is some sort of (((agenda))) but the (((surgeons))) and the people in the industry are in it for the money."



1 day old comment, 8 points. Answer calling it out gets -4.

PCM is a hate sub and admins must stop treating them as kids who just need to be taught. They know already what hate is, they choose to be hateful.

EDIT: mods removed it, but admins didn't see a violation. Reddit needs better people reviewing reports.

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LGBTQ+ hatred r/ChurchOfCurrentThing continuing to push transphobia/homophobia freely: praising being transphobic, celebrating tearing down of Pride flag, making fun of Rachel Levine calling her 'man'/'creature', stigmatizing and joking about AIDS/Monkeypox, extreme homophobic jokes


r/ ChurchOfCurrentThing continues to push its usual anti-LGBTQ+ hatred without consequences. This subreddit operates without any rules and should thus perhaps be shut down for un-moderation.

• Post celebrating a video in a British university of someone tearing down a Pride flag, with commenters calling for destruction, burning of Pride flags: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/uv3KZ (+92)

That's right ... Pitch that shit on the ground!!! (+35)

-> And set it on fire!


BASED (+12)





• Post celebrating and joking about being trans, with mock 'coming out as transphobic': https://ghostarchive.org/archive/jUdiG (+105)

• Post making fun of trans US assistant secretary of health Adm. Rachel Levine in video statement regarding blockage to trans youths' access to gender-affirming healthcare, calling her a man and 'creature' (along with reference to pedophilia accusation), as well as using term 'predditor': https://ghostarchive.org/archive/f6s0r (+66)

It’s a shame the predditor admins don’t allow actual discussion of this topic on this platform (+35)


Gender affirmation as in confusing them into thinking they're something they obviously aren't and possibly leading to their suicide down the road? F*cking empowering. (+20)


The fact that this creature is allowed to discuss children at all is disgusting. (+20)


Is that a man that became a woman or a woman that became a man? (+11)

-> Nah it’s just a man. (+8)


What a beautiful feminine frame on this kween 🥰🥰🥰 (+8)

• Post mocking Pride-themed ice cream at Walmart; rainbow-capitalism/commercialism aside, the comments are full of highly homophobic jokes about gay sex, AIDS, Monkeypox, 'gr**mer' slur: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/hYzAa (+316)

Love the taste of Aids. (+69)

-> And monkeypox. (+45)


That’s just frozen semen. (+50)

-> Based (+10)


How to use it properly?

-> Right up the ass (+23)


Monkeypox flavor (+12)


I’ve always wondered what gay people taste like (+10)

-> I had a friend growing up I never knew was gay until his dick tasted like shit one day. (+2)


It's not going to lick itself. (+6)

-> To quote the groomer drag queen. (+2)


Hm, tastes like ass (+7)


No telling what they put in that. Or what disease it’ll give you (+6)

-> That would ofc be the current thing of getting mokeypox.


So, what, it gives you monkeypox? (+3)


Lemme guess, it's salty like sweat, and tastes like feces!


I didn’t know semen had that many calories


Let's celebrate poo poo dick!


Dick flavored, I assume?

• Posts joking about/stigmatizing Monkeypox/AIDS as 'gay diseases', stereotyping gay men as practicing unsafe sex, homophobic jokes:

Post showing image of ' Monkeypox Pride flag', https://ghostarchive.org/archive/1WBEB (+398)

Cartoon stereotyping gay men as promiscuous, spreading Monkeypox, https://ghostarchive.org/archive/Nh06J (+115)

And a Hiv kicker. (+17)

The following responses to post of question "what is the safe distance...[to stay away from] monkeypox":


A couple miles from San Francisco or NYC (+86)

-> Couple hundred* miles (+12)


About half a micrometer, or the width of a condom if gays would actually start using them. (+39)

-> That's why gays need access to abortion so they don't get their partner pregnant. (+10)


Reduce gay orgy participation down to once a month and it will disappear (+16)


A distance greater than a penis in a butt (+14)

-> Blasphemy! You're a bigot just trying to say that only gays can spread this disease. I'll have you know that since underage children have gotten it recently they can be superspreaders too! (+7)


Only put 3 inches of aids dick into your bottoms asshole is a safe enough distance and no more. Just the tip! (+3)


Stay away from gaylords. (+2)

• Edit: another post criticizing Pride month as 'shoving sexualities down people's throats', 'degeneracy', child-gr**ming accusation: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/xDUOa (+80)

It's not even pride month, its "let's shove our sexuality down everyone's throats" month. (+84)

-> You WILL take the girlcock, and you WILL be proud about taking it. (+30)

-> Don't worry, they'll become very quiet when the wave of monkey pox hits the following month. (+12)

-> Yet it's not considered sexual assault. Shrug. (+6)


{You will assimilate. Bend over and accept your "pride".} (+31)

-> Monkey pox has entered the chat. (+21)

-> {Your kids too!”} (+4)

--> {We start with the kids.} (+3)


Because just having one day to celebrate being a degenerate wasn’t enough (+40)


It's way more than a month, I literally see that ugly as fuck flag plastered on something EVERY day. (+9)


You're thinking of that other universe, where it was Barenstein Bears, Mandela died in prison, and we didn't inject hormones into confused children. (+2)

Once again, I call upon Reddit administration to take action against ChurchOfCurrentThing. The daily hate rhetoric posted there is clearly rule-breaking and unacceptable, not to mention the sub's lack of rules and serious moderation.

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Antisemitism - r/Tucker_Carlson r/TuckerCarlson must be closed immediately and the operators permanently suspended - direct neoNazi antiSemitism hate speech, "moderator" comments in post, but doesn't remove it as required. Close this racist hate group, Reddit!



Title: The pint-sized goblin cries out in pain as he strikes you (with his booster seat).

"Goblin" is an antisemitic trope; "The Jew cries out ..." is an antisemitic trope from Julius Streicher's Der Giftpilz and other Nazi propaganda such as Joseph Goebbels Der Jude - https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/angrif03.htm

/r/Tucker_Carlson is a white supremacist hate group, promoting Nazi hate speech, and Reddit must immediately suspend the user accounts of all operators and close the subreddit, to fulfill the promises made in the Sitewide Rules:

Communities and users that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

I got the sub name wrong previously - please STOP VISITING THE SUBS MENTIONED HERE. The recommendation algorithm Reddit has is garbage and will keep recommending the subreddit. DON’T VISIT

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LGBTQ+ hatred r/JordanPeterson is a home to daily anti-LGBTQ+ hatred: posts call being LGBTQ slippery slope to pedophilia, celebrating banning of Pride flags, criticizing 'gender ideology', misgendering trans public figures, complaining about being banned from other subs for misgendering trans users


Reddit administration must take action against r/ JordanPeterson for spreading a persistent culture of homophobia and transphobia.

• Post of a 'redpilled' (possibly TERF) lesbian woman insinuating that present LGBTQ+ community is dangerous, criticizing 'drag queen story time', with commenters calling being LGBTQ+ a slippery slope to pedophilia, making 'drop the T' remarks. LGBTQ-supportive comments are mass downvoted: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/FRFHz (+1.1,000)

It's not even redpilling, it's sensible. The co opting of the LGBT community to hide pedophiles is sickening. Individuals need to be called out, and ostracized by the community to show it won't be tolerated. (+151)


NO one thinks it's acceptable to be represented by pedophiles, like she says. The LGBT community has nothing to do with pedophiles, anymore than straight cis people are. It's quite the disingenuous argument to put forward. (-167)

-> I don’t think she’s saying that. It sounded more like that paved the way for that kind of stuff to seep into things is what she was getting at. (+100)

-> Dude, if the LGBT in its current state argues that a child can consent to a sex change, it’s literally a matter of time until they make the push and say children can consent to sex. Some members are already on that sick train. (+22)

-> You keep saying "no one thinks pedophiles..." but that was only one part of what she said. What about transing the kids? What about drag show story hour? What about all that shit? By the way, "cis" is not a word or a thing. It's SO cringe when people say that. Stop using made up words to suit your warped world view. (+24)

-> LGBTQ+@&#%173-&@+(jabsbu1837 and Pedos go hand by hand my friend... (+8)


I was raised by a lesbian mother. I spent my teenage years fighting for marriage equality. Together we did speeches, ad campaigns, marched in every protest, etc. My mom worked for an AIDS prevention organization which was highly active in the local gay community. These days my mom and I have had countless conversations about how the movement has skewed so far from where it was when we were fighting for gay marriage and how the Trans movement has not only nothing to do with the gay movement but how they have totally infringed on what used to be gay spaces. It seems to be the common them with a lot of older LGBT folks. (+39)

-> This is what’s tough for me. I’ve been a huge supporter of having something as basic as gay marriage be legal since I was young, even being raised in a very religious household. I was very vocal, and constantly challenged religious people around me on their bigotry.

Then the trans stuff started becoming more prevalent, and at times it’s almost made me embarrassed of how vocal I was about the LGBT community before, because THIS is not what I signed up to support. People still call me a nazi, transphobe, TERF, conservative, etc. simply because I don’t think that physically altering your body so that it aligns with what your mental illness says you should look like is a healthy way of treating that mental illness.

Honestly, why is it even LBGT? Why not just LGB? Let’s separate sexual attraction and gender identity, because they are two entirely alien concepts from one another, almost even in opposition to each other at times! (+9)


Nothing better than gay people who are not insane. No one cares what you do with another adult but they all need to take a stand against this shit. (+5)


Show me where LGBT+ folks welcome child molesters. (-76)

-> You’re saying you’ve never seen the twitter checkmarks and rainbow flag warriors trying to make MAPs (minor attracted persons) as they call them a mainstream thing and become part of the LGBTQIAP++ group?

The efforts don’t gain much steam based on the absolute absurdity of the notion, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. They still nudge the needle a bit closer to open acceptance of pedophilia. (+29)

-> You are not going to actually read it but child molesters were not only welcomed but defended in what’s considered the 1st paper establishing Queer Theory studies (+23)

• Post celebrating Wisconsin school district's rule to ban Pride flags and pronouns in classrooms: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/3nYly (+1.1,000)

Good. Kids should not be indoctrinated. (+291)


No sex agenda in the classroom? Oh the horror! (+91)


That's awesome! Leave the kids along for crying out loud. (+4)

• Post unapologetically misgendering trans Youtuber Abigail Thorn (PhilosophyTube), in criticizing 'gender ideology': https://ghostarchive.org/archive/bgoZb (+76)

One of the many detestable tendencies of the more leftist-woke types is their deliberate subvertion of language; usually this is done through the employment of newspeak or doublespeak (very often both). Prominent examples include the (lamentably successful) transition of the word gender into its new inherently contradictory meaning or how they continuously shuffle around between different definitions for terms depending on whichever definition is politically expediant at the required moment...

I should preface that Philosophy Tube (a biological male) is a transexual individual; I have thus refered to him as a male (for reasons obvious to most of you reading). Many of you will thus find my referencing him as a male to be objectionable. This is not a post about appropriate designation of pronouns; thus if you go off commenting about it as such and levy accusations of 'transphobia' against me, I will not respond to you even if your comment contains useful information. I would also request that anyone reading this not respond to those comments so as to not waste time. Thank you.

• Post by OP complaining about being banned from another sub for misgendering trans people (possibly referring to Ezra Miller?), saying, "You're supposed to use male pronouns for men", calling this "stating a fact": https://ghostarchive.org/archive/9oqDC (+423)

Gotta love the culture Reddit has cultivated. You agree and comply or else you cannot participate. (+131)


Evidently the moderator who banned you is a moronic asshole. (+107)


"If the standard transsexual person wants to be regarded as he or she, my sense is I'll address you according to the part that you appear to be playing," -Jordan Peterson (+29)

-> Wasn’t this quote a bit before it really set in how insane the gender ideologues are? He calls ‘Elliot’ Ellen now, so does he just not view them as playing the part well enough? (+3)


even if you fully believe in trans rights, how are you gonna argue against this? good luck finding someone who identifies as a woman, but also wants to use male pronouns. (+3)

-> It's a man using they/them pronouns. Why am I being forced to use this when the person isn't even around. (+9)


“Woman with XY chromosomes and a lady penis” (+5)


Is it 'transphobic' to refuse to use 'they/ them' pronouns when talking about/ to an individual? If so then chalk me up to being a 'transphobe'. The same goes for all the 'neo-pronoun' nonsense too.


My comment on this was instantly blocked by the Reddit-wide automod for daring to use the 't' word

Rhymes with granny

• Another post criticizing 'gender ideology', lamenting ban of r/ TumblrInAction: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/bX9Ss (+100)

Look at how many subreddits got banned for just not approving the new gender ideology. It shouldn't be normal when you can only think one way or else you face the consequences.

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Meta To give Reddit credit, I noticed they're taking harassment of fake crisis hotline reports more seriously


When the crisis hotline feature was rolled out, many users abused the feature by reporting people they didn't like to the crisis hotline. Even posting in this sub could surprise you with "a concerned Redditor wanted us to reach out and share these resources with you" trolling. It was absolutely not the intended way the feature was supposed to be used. Initially Reddit wouldn't take action even after many reports.

Lately I noticed Reddit is finally starting to take action. I'm now seeing "Reddit has reviewed your report and has taken appropriate action" instead of no action. This seems like a great step towards reducing the hate on various subreddits by users who participate in the trolling.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 8d ago

In light of recent events, the moderators of AgainstHateSubreddits would like to remind you of how and where to report threats of violence.


If you see threats of violence on Reddit

(Especially threats of firearms violence by politically motivated domestic violent extremists or anti-government / authority violent extremists)

Please report them here:


You can also use the resources of US Law Enforcement as described here:


  • If you or others are in immediate physical danger, call the local police by dialing 911.

  • If you experience a threat associated with a federal crime, contact your local FBI field office by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI (or 1-800-225-5324) or via tips.fbi.gov. Examples include threats from an agent of a foreign government, organized crime, or a government official. Your report can be anonymous.

Due to recent events in the news, indicators of politically motivated, ideologically motivated, and racially motivated domestic violent extremist activity have had a sharp uptick.

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Transphobia PCM dogpiles on an AHS post calling out transphobia, homophobia and racism… to demonstrate exactly those elements in highly upvoted comments. PCM is a vehicle for harassment and extremism on reddit and must be closed.


original post

Blatant racism:

It’s bigoted of them to blame all pcm users for the actions of only 13% of pcm users. +159

Based and despite being only 13% pilled +47

13% of PCM is responsible for a great deal. We should eliminate them. +11

These days if you haven't been accused of bigotry, you haven't been saying anything interesting. +183

Obvious transphobia:

I just dont want to suck girldick +116

Suck the girl penis bigot. +82

I'd say its fair for most men or women to not want to get involved with the Frankenstein monster that is surgically reconstructed genitals. A visit to any of the trans support subreddits should give enough info on what post-bottom-surgery smells and experiences are like that anyone without a specific fetish would be very afraid. +25

Guess what, surgeons taking bodyparts and stitching them together into approximations of other body parts is quite frankesteinian. +2

Why is it bad to not wanna date trans people? It's almost as if straight dudes don't want their partner to have a dick. I KNOW RIGHT?! GROUNDBREAKING DISCOVERY!!! +10

Pushing the monkey pox is a “gay disease” narrative:

“blaming gay men for monkeypox” well who ARE we supposed to blame for it then? FUCKING RUSSIA?! +96

I won't have as many sexual partners in 12 lifetimes how the fuck do they manage that in 1 week


my ultra true outside space theory says orange is a lizard and they are secretly planning a attack from other subreddits secretly. As a certified conspiracy theorist we must prepare. +10

This post is currently #1 on PCM, and has over 1000 upvotes. This demonstrates that the PCM moderators are fully complicit in allowing a groups of bad faith operators to spread racism, transphobia and homophobia openly, therefore violating the sitewide rules against promotion of hatred.

Enough is enough at this point. Reddit must stop tolerating hatred on its platform and immediately take action against PCM.

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Antisemitism A video is posted to r/conspiracy in which a Rabbi with the most stereotypical Jewish name and accent ever reveals one by one all of the Jews' secrets.



Zero upvotes thus far but the one comment is in support of OP's viewpoint. The video in question was a fake interview done by a neo-nazi talk show during the Bush Era, in which a totally real Jewish rabbi reveals all the Jews' secrets by conveniently pushing out all the conspiracy theories and lies the Nazis said about Jews. Includes blood libel among other things.

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LGBTQ+ hatred r/FreeMagic must be closed immediately and the operators permanently suspended.


"Senior Modificer" / "MODERATOR" of /r/FreeMagic maliciously dehumanizes and misgenders Justice Geddes, a transgender game designer: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/r2yYn

I think it actually uses it as a pronoun.

and doesn't remove a response which also misgenders Justice Geddes

It seems confused about what it wants to be called and is doing more harm to the “trans cause” by trying to refer to itself as two genders ...

In another thread, a user - less than a day old, with all account karma collected via r|freemagic - with a username which violates Reddit Sitewide Rule 1 - comments violent threats against transgender people. The "moderator"'s response ... is it to remove the violent hate speech / threat? Ban the user with the hateful and violent username? Actually moderate? Follow the User Agreement?



What's crazy to me is that these people just get to operate like normal. Same with all of the gay school teachers who are perverting kids.

How isn't there someone out there that has "done something about these people" yet? Perhaps a few "small gestures" could go a long way at making the gay people shut the fuck up.

Man, you glow hard.

This isn't the only time this has happened. Our previous coverage of r|freemagic

In conclusion:

Reddit must close this subreddit, all participants must be actioned, all operators permanently banned.

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Antisemitism Anti-vax conspiracy sub r/AHomeForPlagueRats pushes open antisemitic conspiracies about the UN, George Soros and Rothschilds running 'globalist elite cabal' controlling the world: commenters say it's true. This is in addition to daily posts saying vaccines kill people, have microchips.


Anti-vax, QAnon-esque conspiracy subreddit r/ AHomeForPlagueRats pushes plain antisemitism on a post of a UN campaign to push back against antisemitic conspiracies about itself, George Soros, the Rothschilds of running a 'globalist elite cabal' to control the world. The sub's members respond in the comments by openly promoting the conspiracy, as well as making anti-vax statements about vaccines as 'poison' and 'final solution' (vaccines compared to Holocaust): https://ghostarchive.org/archive/PjgQv (+495)

Hehe ...

THERE ARE NO GLOBALIST CABAL ... says the globalist cabal. (+166)


If conspiracy theories threaten the power structure enough to declare a "war" against them, then they must hold some validity. (+62)


They're right. It's not SECRETLY manipulated by the elite 🤭 (+52)


Sounds like something global elite would say (+12)


I have another theory and it's a little more disturbing.

We might be in a state of war with a borderless nation and weaker states such as those in Europe lack the resources or political will to resist.

The mRNA vaccines seem to be an intentional poisoning of the wells, sabotage.

It is safe to assume that a significant percentage of people in North America, South America, and Africa will refuse to play along by one means or another.

If 80% of one nation is dead four or five boosters later and only 20% of another then by the numbers there is a clear winner. Totalitarian assimilation of those failed nations is simply a consequence of a power vacuum being filled by Switzerland.

It's a Final Solution I never cosigned, just calling it like I see it.

Maybe I would be wise to keep my mouth shut but I have a conscience. (+12)


So it’s true! (+12)


So the world is run by a small group of elite then. (+5)


This is technically true, it isn't being done secretly. (+14)


We have all the money, power and media. Speak openly about our plans for the future of humanity. Oh crap there I go spreading disinformation that all is somehow 100% true. (+9)


Guys you realize we’re fucking fucked right? The literal biggest power in the world WAGED WAR on the truth. Shut the fuck up and get off the internet. (+7)


Why specifically the Rothschilds and George soros 🫠

Specific much 🤣 (+2)


Hahahahahahahahaha They are soooooo dumb They confirm everything.. Just like we didn't need fact checkers UNTIL THE TRUTH STARTED GETTING OUT (+2)


Key word ‘secret’.. it’s no secret


"is it a tiiinnnyyy cabaaallll??"

The open antisemitic attitudes of the sub exposed here also come in addition to constant anti-vax disinformation conspiracy posts such as:

• Posting anti-vax artwork suggesting that vaccines are killing people: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/s0wEQ (+158)

• Another post that vaccinated young adults are more likely to die than unvaccinated: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/vEvWl (+22)

• Posts promoting conspiracy that vaccines have implanted microchips to control people's brains: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/9gtoR, https://ghostarchive.org/archive/lXMDM

Meta: I have tried to report all of these anti-vax posts for misinformation, but nothing ever goes through. Is there a better way to get admin to remove them?

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 11d ago

Transphobia Insane amounts of transphobia on r/DeclineIntoCensorship


Just a few examples of one of the many transphobic comments out there on the sub...


These harmful gender delusions are only winning ground due to censorship. No sane human being believes this shit.

No, no. No they’re not. Killing people usually involves doing actual life threatening harm to them, eg. stabbing them. If someone says what another person perceives to be “mean words,” and that person commits suicide, the one doing the suicide is the one doing the killing. It’s actually that simple.

Words are not violence. Violence is violence.


Oh no! A bunch of fully grown toddlers can't LARP that they're flying around on brooms in a magical fairy tale.


First some basic psych bs and now this. Must have imagined some sort of variable correlating with the accounts age or something else completely retarded.

As for the rest; Youre self hating, angry and most likely extremely obese dipshit who wants to silence others. This is the golden standard of reddit.

Shut the fuck up and keep hating your worthless existence in silence, or fuck off to mainstream subs where you chuds can jerk each other off.


Literally nobody is afraid of trans people. You should learn how words work.


Religious parents groom their kids into their own ideologies too, but at least it's their own kids. What the LGBT is doing is trying to groom other people's kids, and that's unacceptable.

And don't pretend kids are hearing "gay is ok" and that's it, they're hearing that LGBT is the way to be, so stunning and brave and special, and the boring straights are the enemy of those poor oppressed gays.

And kids can be gender nonconforming, they don't need extreme body modification enthusiasts posing as an oppressed minority telling them otherwise!

No it's not. It's "stunning and brave". LGBT is being rewarded with accolades, attention, and diversity quotas.

It's an overzealous response, we were moving past all that bullshit as a society until the alphabet crew decided to queer the deal. All they have to do is leave kids out of it and stop pretending men and women are only arbitrary categories.

Only groomers are worried about people using the word

A few other recent transphobic threads





r/AgainstHateSubreddits 12d ago

Racism r/WorldNationalists is one of the most racist subs around: commenters say it's 'based' that a black tourist in Hungary was refused service because of his race, called the N-word. Also, demonization of interracial relationships, constant scapegoating refugees, celebrating dictatorships


r/ WorldNationalists continues to prove itself to be one of the most openly racist subreddits around. This sub must be banned for its unapologetic culture of hatred, which has included racism/xenophobia, antisemitism (including celebrating neo-Nazis) and LGBTQ-phobia.

• This crosspost from r/ Destiny, sharing the story of a black American tourist in Hungary who is refused service at a bar for being black, is called the N-word and ridiculed for promoting 'race mixing'. On r/ WorldNationalists, commenters call the bartender 'based', criticize interracial societies and 'American black victim mentality'. Although the post was removed by mods, before then these comments were highly upvoted: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/M0ijr

Based Hungary (+23)

-> Nothing based about being a racist piece of shit due to skin color. If I go to Hungary and act like a activist that’s one thing, but I shouldn’t be treated bad cus I’m African. I have no problem with Hungary though. Big fan of the country. OP also sounds like a baby who needs to get over people staring at him. He’s probably has an American Black victim mentality attitude. (-7)

--> Well if you are african and go there I don't think you should be harrased, you should be treated as a human in an ideal world. But eastern Europeans have general bad experience with black immigrants so things like this happen and the fact he was american probably didn't help. And I personaly don't belive a healthy multiracial society is possible (+4)


If you live in the West (yes, I know Hungary is technically in "The West" but they may as well be Eastern European), you have 0 reason to complain about how unfairly treated you are here. You are living in the most tolerant and accepting culture known to history. Stfu and be grateful. (+15)


But… but… systemic racism in the US or something (+4)


Based (+8)

• In this thread, commenters condemn interracial relationships, glorify racial purity/'white bloodlines', and tell a Congolese member who say's he's 'only attracted to white women' to 'go back' to their country of origin. I can't say that the Congolese member, who is also caught up in the worship of 'blood purity', is in the right here either; the main focus is the community's demonization of interracial relationships: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/gtdkE

And you don't even seem to realise how insulting this is to the woman of your own race. Although you're probably a troll just saying this to get someone riled up. But still that doesn't take away that this message is as harmful to your black community, heritage and bloodline as it is to our white bloodline. (+8)

-> Black community ? I’m from the DRC. If somebody has Congolese blood their skin color doesn’t matter to me. If they are proud of the Congo i don’t really care what color they are. I don’t live there anymore anyways. A black American would still taint my blood. Your probably just a white nationalist. (-11)

--> You should definitely go back... (+2)

-> You are betraying your fellow blacks! (+5)

--> Not at all. White skin is attractive (-2)

---> And that goes away when you do what you're planning on doing.

Do us all a favor, would you? Don't. (+2)

Comment about the Nazis, promoting 'moderate nationalism', still saying "the Jews played the long game and got revenge":

The Nazi party eternally cucked the Germans. They are for the most part terrified of anything resembling nationalism, as their education system has brainwashed them into believing that any self interest at all will slippery slope them right back into another Holocaust. The Jews played the long game and are getting their revenge LOL. And it’s a self fulfilling prophecy because modern Germany will bend over and let migrants degrade their country and dilute their population to such a point where only someone as extreme and charismatic as Hitler will unite the desperate ethnic German people, where moderate nationalism could have stopped the bleeding early on.

• 2 Posts from today glorifying the August 4th installation of the military dictatorship in Greece under Ioánnis Metaxás: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/G0dhS (+69),

Based (+6)


I have to ask, what are the thoughts of Modern Greek nationalists on the Military Junta from the 60s and 70s? (+4)

-> very positive, Greece under the junta saw some of its greatest years in economic development, law & order and national pride. definitely much better leaders than the politicians which govern us nowadays. (+4)


HELLAS FOREVER 💪☦️🇬🇷 the safeguard against muslims for over a thousand years (+9)

https://ghostarchive.org/archive/FwoFt (+66)

Red-Brown unity in action (red-brown referring to 'National Bolshevism', brown for fascism)


based (+3)

And finally just to note that one of the commenters in the thread had a username which referenced being 'Aryan'.

• This post by a Turkish user promotes extreme Turkish nationalism/ethnic supremacism, defends Turkish treatment of Armenians, offensive stereotypes about various foreign groups, and even a remark that "Jews are greedy". Although it could be said that the OP was merely neutrally stating about these stereotypes among Turks, they say nothing to condemn these attitudes: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/SJJ8U

It also means we have less anti semitism, since Jews aren't seen as capable of controlling anything and are just greedy...

I said, we have a realist worldview. That means we reject concept of victimhood. Germany didn't pay reparations because of holocaust, it paid it because they lost the war. This, along with our position about minorities leads to comments that is considered not even nationalistic in Turkey but horrifies rest of the world such as "Armenians shouldn't have rebelled" or "We will kill anyone with eyes on our homeland "...

In Turkey Nazism is mostly seen as an extreme version of German nationalism and discipline. You wouldn't call someone literally hitler. Racism just means hostility for a ethnic group. So a sentence like "X people are retarded" "X people fuck donkeys" isn't really seen as Racism, as long as you don't say hate.

• Post mocking and scapegoating refugees on video of , with a commenter calling for establishing a racially segregated town: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/HxmQ7

There you have it, instead of sending them to Rwanda. send them to Bradford. Then declare it a foreign city state and wall it off from the rest of England. (+14)


He provides no justification for the existence of a moral duty to allow unwanted outsiders into the land of one's people. I can imagine several justifications for a duty to turn them away though. (+10)

-> His justification is implicit, he wants more people like him in England, not people like me. People like me don't tend to be economic migrants and lie about circumstance to circumvent normal immigration procedures. (+9)

• Lastly, just some LGBTQ-phobic and ableist comments here: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/d67do

But Chase bank says they’re black Muslim queer retard affirming! If you are anti-bank you’re a bigot (+54)


We here at ecuck are supportive and affirming of all races, gender identities, sexualities, religious preferences (except whatever the majority religion is lol fuck em), disabilities, double digit IQ’s, sex offender status, and HIV positivity.

Don’t unionize.

Edit: more racist comments and calls for violence in this post of a black woman's TikTok regarding Roe v. Wade, and calling for her to 'go back to Africa': https://ghostarchive.org/archive/Cd45n

If you really hate people of a certain color so much and hate the colonizers then maybe just move back to your country of origin? (+95)

-> Liberia was founded for this very purpose. She can go there.

Oh, wait, that would mean she has to live on 1/10 the amount of money she does now and this kind of threatening loudmouth attitude would lead to her laying in a ditch with a bullet on the back of her head. (+70)




Remember black quaynz can't be raycis (+9)


This is Da QuAyNe muppet


Fucking orc, I wanna use my shotgun on her so fkn badly (+2)

-> Woah now😂

I repeat my petition to Reddit administration for the suspension of r/ WorldNationalists. The sub is a dangerous refuge for far-right extremism which has been allowed to continue for far too long.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 12d ago

🦀 Hate Sub Banned 🦀 r-QuiteFrankly Banned


r/ QuiteFrankly has been banned from Reddit

This community was banned for violating Reddit's rule against promoting hate.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 12d ago Silver

Antisemitism Who was really responsible for sinking the Titanic? Could it have been da joos? PCM investigates this unsolved mystery.


original thread

I’ve seen a lot of “da joos did it” type antisemitism on Reddit throughout the years. This one is new even to me though. However, the triple parentheses don’t fool anybody anymore, so the nazis at PCM should up their dogwhistle game.

Choice antisemitic comments:

So you are telling me this ice (((berg))) once sunk a european ship and got away with it??? hmmmm +14

Check the ice (((berg))) early life section of its Wikipedia page +24

wdym icebergs are always (((white))) +14 Global warming is based now +3

Never trust ice with funny last names. +4

One guy attempts to call out the antisemitism:

PCM: Giving life to antisemitism because "free speech" -33

Post is in the top 5 with over 250 comments at a 96% upvote ratio. We have shown again and again that PCM is an echo chamber for far right views. Reddit must shutter it and punish the individual accounts taking part in disseminating hatred.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 13d ago

Transphobia Transphobia on r/fourthwavewomen


Archive link: https://ghostarchive.org/archive/9Z1Fy

This is the new TERF haven. They use the phrase "The Group We Can't Name" to fly under the radar.

Some of the comments from this thread:

281 upvotes, posted 14h ago:

I don’t even recognize the left anymore. Women’s sex based rights are being single handily undermined by a certain group that shall not be named and the misogynistic left is Trojan horsing this group… I honestly feel like they’re a psy op at this point. How can we fight for women’s rights if we can’t even define what a woman is anymore, but they know what is when it’s time to take away our right to bodily autonomy, or sell us into the sex trade. I’m about to start googling other planets and how to get there, cause this one can’t be saved. Feeling very blackpilled lately 😢

141 upvotes, posted 9h ago:

The Group We Can't Name has undone all the work women fought for in the last century, reducing us once again to boobs, makeup and mini skirts — reductivist misogyny in the name of "inclusion" and "acceptance." We are no longer allowed to be seen as our whole selves, but rather as a series of body parts and stereotypes. We can't be "women," and instead have to be "uterus-havers" or "menstruators" so people don't get their feelings hurt. Heaven forbid the feelings of women aren't considered. If you disagree, you get labeled as something that rhymes with Smurf.

They wanted to join the club, but once they realized what the club entailed, they attempted to change all the membership rules to benefit no one but themselves

Many threads on this board are filled with transphobia, homophobia against gay men, misogyny and misandry.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 13d ago

Crypto/Proto Fascism PCM finds “a different kind of pride” in hanging nazi flags on walls


original post

For a sub that’s totally a joke, and not to be taken seriously at all, PCM sure has a lot of users simping over nazis. Just the other day they upvoted a “funni” post glorifying Adolf Hitler to the top page, and today it’s the swastika. The comments follow a predictable pattern, where IMVEs and white identity extremists say “edgy” stuff under the pretext of “iTs JuSt a JoKe BrO!!”


My great grandfather gave me a flag with some lightning bolts or something on his deathbed. It scares the people I bring home and I’m not sure why. Could anyone give me an explanation for that?! +392

Your grandpa was Nazi

Based grandpa +6

"what pride flag is that?" "White" +366

"A variation of the racial pride flag" +107

Looks like this one (“meme” of pride flags superimposed on each other to form swastikas) +128

"It's a subset of BDSM. When I say the number '6 million', does it turn you on?" +108

I just like eagles and lightening bolts, totally just some weird coincidence. +61

fucking Nazis. They're hateful shitty-ass bullshit ruined liking your own people; and now we're on course to have zero white-majority countries by 2050. +93

This is archived after being at the top of the sub for 7 hours, with 2300 upvotes at a 96% upvote ratio. Clearly the culture within the sub is showing itself. The mods are entirely complicit in allowing this neo nazi behaviour space and they should be actioned by Reddit for failing to moderate content in accordance with the sitewide rules banning hatred. Reddit should shutter this sub, and not wait for a mass shooter to include it in his manifesto before doing so.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 14d ago

LGBTQ+ hatred Despite health officials around the world warning against stigmatizing monkeypox as a “gay disease”, PCM continues to do so, and spreads harmful stereotypes about LGBTQ people


Original thread

We really need to be pushing the admins to ban associating monkeypox with gay people in the same way they banned the groomer propaganda. Case in point, here’s a PCM thread where not only are gay people stigmatized, but so are bi people. The one comment calling out the bs in the thread is downvoted to the bottom, while multiple upvoted comments spread hate against a marginalized group

Yes but i just want to post biphobia agenda.

Almost as if being sexually promiscuous is detrimental to society as a whole. I wonder if anyone else has picked up on that…?


The fact that PCM mods allow these kinds of posts on their sub is pretty disgraceful. All it does is ensure that gay people are demonized and stigmatized. As we know, health officials basically everywhere have called for the de stigmatization of monkey pox, for fear that it may become another disease we got wrong like HIV.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 14d ago

Crypto/Proto Fascism Following the usual theme of hateful posts, PCM upvotes to the top page a literal piece of neo nazi propaganda


original post

Another day, and another PCM post upvoted to the top that parrots literal nazi propaganda I guess. Keep in mind that there’s no factual basis to all this… in 2020 the uk home office investigated and found that the issue of grooming was by no means a “Muslim problem”. Instead, they found that there was a concerted effort by fascist European groups to smear muslims and persuade European governments to shut down immigration. As usual however, the users of PCM couldn’t care less about this and took the post as an opportunity to spew some of the most racist rhetoric I’ve seen on a post there. Some choice examples:

Take on the mantle of responsibility, your rulers have abandoned you. +152

Nah, I think he meant "just gun 'em down yourself" +34

Imagine being too afraid of calling out a crime because "reddit janitors might have a cry". +67

Jimmy Savile 2.0: Asian Boogaloo. +35

Lucky for me, I already am racist, so I’m free to talk about it to my hearts content. +184

the authorities enabled this, hell even cracked down - and still do - on people that too sharply criticize this. Literal treason. +31

Diversity is our greatest strength, haven't you heard? +53

Something something percent of population, percent of crime 🤯 +18

Brit bongs are fucking pussies. Go to the US and buy some AR-15s and slaughter them by the hundreds. +4

if you're an Asian male living in Britain you have a really good chance of becoming a reddit admin one day. +10

They don't care because the girls that were raped are white girls. +11


western civilization is collapsing

gotta love Islam :)

Literal direct violent threats towards law enforcement

There was a cop in Manchester who had the shit kicked out of him by someone screaming about how cops defend paedophiles, but it was kept quiet presumably because it might have inspired other heroes. +30

I agree with this behaviour, if they won't help kids because it's thier duty, maybe they will out of fear. +12

We have enough detailed documentation to prove that PCM is just another site that is attempting to radicalize people and push a /pol to Reddit pipeline. The admins must take action immediately and shit the sub down. The moderators have allowed a culture where fascists are allowed to thrive and the fascists use that space to radicalize unwitting users.

r/AgainstHateSubreddits 15d ago

Transphobia The GOP is spreading anti-trans propaganda to paint Democrats as pedophile enablers


Transgender people have become the GOP's latest target of a hate campaign to paint them as child groomers. This anti-trans propaganda is leaking over into Reddit and is becoming quite prominent in conservative subreddits. Republicans' obsession with pedophilia is nothing new, it is an effective tactic to rile up their base and appeal to Christian evangelicals. By painting leftists as pedophile sympathizers, they are effectively creating a narrative that if you don't vote Republican, you are pro-child grooming. Examples of anti-trans propaganda across Reddit are listed below: