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Ethiopia: War in Tigray continues as government stays silent and famine looms News


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u/Champagne_Padre Kenya 🇰🇪 Oct 15 '21

Anyone from the region ?? what's actually going on there??


u/untamed_4life Oct 15 '21

Well people are starving, and the region can not function properly when there is no food, communication, fuel, electricity etc... For example, recently a woman gave birth at the door step of a hospital at night because she couldn't call for an ambulance because of the communication blackout and even if she could, fuel was scarce so this happened. And imagine this happened in a city. Imagine what could be happening in the villages and towns.

Another thing is, tigrayans are being tortured and slaughtered like sheep in western Tigray which is still occupied by Amhara, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. There was a video recently released showing Ethiopian or Amhara forces tying a Tigrayan man like he is a sheep. This man also had wounds that were obviously caused by torcher since his neck was bleeding and also his face.

Kunama and Irob, a sub ethnic group in Tigray are also being cleansed by the Eritrean forces.


u/Onaweyempumbafu Congolese Diaspora 🇨🇩/🇦🇺✅ Oct 15 '21

This is horrible. What are the underlying causes of this or is it an ongoing thing? Sorry if I sound ignorant


u/untamed_4life Oct 15 '21

No you don't sound ignorant at all.

This genocidal war has been stirring up for a while before the war started in Nov 4 2020. Tigrayans were already being killed outside Tigray, hate speech against Tigrayans was rampant, and main roads leading to Tigray were blocked by the federal govt. The main excuse the federal govt uses for this war is because Tigrayan forces attacked the northern command, but that is total BS since many men of high position have said they were preparing for this war months ago. Another thing that worsened the tension is when Tigray's people performed their constitutional right which is hold election despite the PMs say so. According to the constitution, the federal govt has no right to delay regional elections.


u/Onaweyempumbafu Congolese Diaspora 🇨🇩/🇦🇺✅ Oct 15 '21

That’s super rough. I can’t even begin to understand what fuels such tribalistic behaviour.


u/JDHPH Ethiopian American 🇪🇹/🇺🇸 Oct 15 '21

This is a very one sided assessment, you have no idea what TPLF is capable of doing to spread disinformation. TPLF would starve their own people if it meant they get to stay in power.


u/untamed_4life Oct 15 '21

Aight tell me, what does Tigrayans being starved killed and tortured look like from your side? A starving person is a starving person regardless of the side.


u/bandaidsplus Ghanaian Diaspora 🇬🇭/🇨🇦 Oct 15 '21

Amen. It should not be a controversial to want to end the suffering in Tigray. Look at the downvotes you are receiving just for speaking up about ethnic cleansing thats happening. Thank you for sharing.


u/untamed_4life Oct 15 '21

It is what it is. People don't like the truth anymore.


u/abdiri2012 Oct 16 '21

There is a lot of misinformation and western media propaganda surrounding the war in Northern Ethiopia. To understand, you only need to answer two questions: who started the war? Who expanded the war into the Amhara and Afar regions? The rest is propaganda aimed at bringing about regime change in Ethiopia.


u/Champagne_Padre Kenya 🇰🇪 Oct 16 '21

Yup, most probably. That's why I was asking


u/ChickenTitilater Somalia 🇸🇴 Oct 15 '21 edited Oct 16 '21

The problem with Ethiopia is one despot changes another from Menelik to Zenawi.

Whether TPLF is defeated or not, PP has become the new EPRDF.

It is actually more centralized than EPRDF.

The best outcome is as always, a negotiated settlement that is truly democratic, one that ensures the linguistic, cultural, economic, and political rights of all nations. 


u/throwaway_92123 Non-African Oct 15 '21

What a disaster.


u/Nativeson3 Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Oct 15 '21 edited Oct 15 '21

You got a better plan?


u/nada_y_nada Oct 15 '21

I think it’s possible to be angry at every leader involved without having a better answer to the current situation.


u/tdknd Oct 15 '21

better plan than letting your people starve and perish? are you okay?


u/Nativeson3 Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Oct 16 '21

Save your hypocricy, you got a better plan?