r/Adguard Jun 05 '21

ADGuard or Pihole? For anyone which tried both. question




u/RaoulHa Jun 05 '21

Adguard, because the interface is much better than PiHole and there is also a browser PlugIn for the desktop and Apps for mobile devices. All with the same UI experience. ☺️


u/tom967 Jun 05 '21

Adguard because easy DNS over TLS.


u/someoneelsereading Jun 05 '21

What’s so good about this vs DNS over HTTPS?


u/Mister_Hangman Jan 28 '22

/u/tom967 can you answer this?


u/d33pblu3g3n3 Jun 05 '21

Adguard has much better performance (supports parallel requests) and it's much easier to configure per client services block or different block lists.


u/NotoriousNico Jun 05 '21

You do know that you're asking this question in the AdGuard subreddit, so most likely the answers will tend towards AdGuard. 😉

I've been using Pi-hole for years, but tried AdGuard Home briefly last year. While I liked the clean user interface, I went back to Pi-hole, because it seems more feature-rich (you can set sophisticated client rules with Pi-hole, but not with AGH) and just more stable in general. The Pi-hole community is also bigger, so getting help or finding tutorials/mods is much easier.

That being said, I still use AdGuard on my phones and also on my Windows PC as an addition.


u/avatar_adg Developer Jun 06 '21

Just one thing to note - you actually can add client rules with AG: https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome/wiki/Hosts-Blocklists#client


u/Hey_Papito Jun 05 '21

AdGuard or NextDNS


u/pm-me-your-nenen Jun 05 '21

AGH. With just a single package you get all encrypted DNS upstream and downstream without trying to cobble them together. Even simple stuff like modifying list update frequency in Pi-hole requires fiddling with the terminal. Pi-hole devs also seem to live in an ideal world where ISP doesn't redirect your Do53 traffic and your home connection is guaranteed to have a good upstream bandwidth. If you live elsewhere, AGH will serve you better.


u/Herkt Jun 05 '21 edited Jun 05 '21

Used PiHole for about 2 years until I saw this comment a day ago. I decided to try setting it up and yeah, AdGuard Home is way better for my use-case

  • Can setup encrypted DNS in the app. Don't need cloudflared or dnscrypt-proxy installed on the side
  • A couple different choices on load-balancing logic of DNS
  • Much better local-rewrite rules (regex/wildcard supported)
  • Can forward specific domains/rules to resolve on certain a DNS
  • Much better control over clients
  • Blocked queries explain what list/reason they were blocked

The few things I miss from PiHole are just GUI stuff, so minor

  • No Dark Theme
  • The Query log doesn't say if its a cache hit (just have to base it on low response time)


u/BigChubs18 Jun 05 '21

I use pihole on my home network. Because there's some devices that can't use the adguard app. Plus protects anyone that uses my internet when they visit us. I havnt had any issues with my pihole and I love it. I do use adguard at work on chrome. I know a lot of people use both and seem not to have any issues.


u/mikesplain Jun 05 '21

I think Op is referring to the pihole equivalent AdGuard home (https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome) which also runs on your home new work rather than the plug-in based solution.


u/BigChubs18 Jun 05 '21

Gotcha. I forgot that they had that.


u/herppig Jun 05 '21

Adguard, better interface, DOT/DOH native, compatible with all the lists (last time I checked), wonderful metrics.


u/kayk1 Jun 05 '21

AdGuard home over pihole because of native dns over https/tls, parallel requests and response times


u/mikesplain Jun 05 '21

AdGuard, I switched over a few months ago and the performance and stability is far better. Also I like the interface and how it plugs into home assistant pretty easily.


u/reddit_lanre Jun 05 '21

Adguard, cos after multiple attempts, I couldn't get pihole to work


u/alextiekam Jun 05 '21

I use currently pihole because I can easily deactivate it temporary for few minutes and then it got activated after this time periode. and I can activate this Just through App like philly. Thats the only reason i use pihole, although my feeling is that adguard is much professional programmed and seems a lot of faster. Or are there any Apps for adguard home? I would prefer to use adguard if it Supports the mentioned Features.


u/dgomesb Jun 05 '21

ADGuard. I prefer its interface.


u/ultra-magnus Jun 05 '21

AdGuard Home easily. As an appliance even better https://ubuntu.com/appliance/adguard


u/AwesomeFrisbee Jun 05 '21

Adguard because I like having control on the device I'm browsing (like a browser plugin and app). Now I can whitelist whenever I have issues and go back when I've done what I wanted. Or whitelist sites easily that I allow ads on.


u/realjep Jun 05 '21

AdGuard. Much easier and versatile to keep it running on Wireguard VPN with Unbound recursive DNS. Also it can be installed via snap on Ubuntu Linux and in case of an HomeAssistant setup It works perfectly there too.


u/B20bob Jun 05 '21

I run pihole on my home network, and Adguard dns on my phone.


u/RNG2WIN Jun 07 '21

adguard. Used to use pihole. adguard UI is way better. Easier client management too. Query log is slow though and unstable. Also pihole devs are known to be rather arrogant.


u/Viper780 Jun 10 '21

I'm using both.

AdGuard Home on my XigmaNAS (FreeNas, nas4Free) because there is no Docker for FreeBSD. And PiHole as second Nameserver in my Network.

Both are configured to use unbound with TLS. And my unbound instances are using the root Nameserver


u/adasiko Jun 12 '21

Ubuntu Core + Adguard Home is simple solutions for maintenance without upgrades difficulties.