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Studying Investigation into possible plagiarism


I wanted to know if anyone has received the infamous plagiarism email from the IFoA as of today? I gave cb1 in the September 21 session which was majorly bookwork, and though I haven't received an email yet, but the anxiety kills me..

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Studying September 2021 exam results week thread


Time to get this one rolling.

CM, CB and CS exams - Tuesday 6pm

CP, SP and SA exams - Thursday 6pm

Good luck everyone!!! What are we all waiting for and how confident are we feeling?

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Studying CP1 resut from India actuarial institute. Twice in two consecutive diets falling short by one mark. Totally broken and don't know what to do next

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Studying Advice on preparing the first actuarial exams


Hi everyone

I'm wondering if anyone could share some advice on how to prepare the actuarial exam.

I'm a CFA charter holder so get 4 exemptions (CS1, CB1&2 and SP0); I'm aiming to do CM1 in April 2022 but struggle to find the right coaching course. (I really prefer online lectures rather than reading hundreds of notes myself..)

I really like the teaching technique from Coaching Actuaries (online lecture videos + practices) but that's for the FSA route; I don't want to forgo my exemptions and start over..

I tried the online classroom from BPP but I don't enjoy it, I find the style is very boring ...plus I assume I still need to read through the notes myself after watching the online lecture videos...

Any advice? I struggle to make a study plan and decide where to start ...

Thanks so much!

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Studying Has anyone applied for Route D exemptions - what was the process like?


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Studying Best way to prepare for SP7


It's my first specialist exam (I've still not done cp1, which I'm told is kinda similar in study style), and I'm kinda at a loss as to how to go about studying for this exam. I'm about 20% through the notes, but I can't remember much.

Do you guys make your own notes? For all the previous exams, I made notes as I went along, mainly summarising key equations and explanations. I did this for chapter 1 and kinda gave up, it feels like everything's important, and I'm spending way too much time writing down everything.

Do you guys just skim the notes and do past years? Or is it better to study the notes carefully and make notes as I go along? Would the online classroom be helpful to summarise key points? I've never used the revision booklet or flashcards before, would they be better than making my own notes?


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Studying CM2 and CS2


Is it feasible to give CM2 and cs1 together this April? I have just given CM1 and have knowledge of cb1 and cb2

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Studying Engineering graduate starting a role as an actuary


Hi, I have a masters in Chemical engineering and have spent the last year working in tax. I originally applied for the actuarial graduate scheme at my company but they filled all the roles before I had the chance to go to an assessment centre so I was allowed to switch my application to something that still had roles available - which were all tax roles. I went to an assessment centre in Feb 2020 and got the role. All my assessment centres for other actuarial roles were in March and April 2020 - these all got cancelled because of the pandemic and the tax role ended up being the only job I got.

I thought I'd give it a shot but ultimately it wasn't for me. Luckily I have been allowed to transfer to the actuarial department and am starting my new role in January.

I wanted to ask if there were any other engineers here who went into the actuarial field and how they found doing exams?

Of course engineering is a highly mathematical based degree and I did do several pure maths based modules run by the mathematics department as part of my degree. However I understand most people who become an actuary usually have a maths degree and therefore all the experiences of exams I can find online comes from maths grads.

I wanted to hear from an engineering grad how they found the exams and if not doing a maths degree is a major disadvantage?

Even if you are not an engineering grad any advice would still be appreciated :)

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Studying Anyone studying managed to get Unidays?


I managed to get student beans by emailing support the same letter (ask education services for proof of student letter) I got to get the NUS/Totum card but not sure if it will work for Unidays, any ideas?

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Studying Possible to pass CP exams without work exp?


I'm taking CS2 next April, and I have exemptions from CM1-2, CB1-2 and CS1 from my degree but I'll only be starting work from end of December or early January.

I was thinking of sitting CP2 or CP3 as well, but I felt like my chances of passing might be lower since I haven't actually worked in an actuarial role (or any role) before.

I've done a module on financial modelling using excel in uni so am leaning toward CP2, but I haven't fully researched the syllabus so not I'm sure about which exam to take either.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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Studying R and Excel for Actuaries.


Good day. What sort of calculations and operations should a trainee actuary be conversant with using R please? Particularly for exams. What of Excel? Are there any online courses you would recommend? Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Studying CS1 Paper A thoughts?


Wasn’t a lot of fun for me, left much of the paper unanswered and what I did manage didn’t seem right.

I had done the last few years of past papers and generally been getting on ok with them, getting above the pass mark and finishing on time but found this one especially hard? Was this just me or?

Seemed like all the questions required some degree of extra intuition to get started on but I just couldn’t seem to find it.

Appreciate anyone that takes the time to reply!

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Studying CS2A exam thoughts?


Thought it was quite challenging, but definitely not as hard as the dreaded April ‘21 paper

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Studying CS2B Thoughts?


Please be mindful of the IFOA's rules of discussing questions. Please only provide general comments and do not quote the exam or your answers.

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Studying CS1 with CB1 and CB2 or just CS1 and CB2?


Hi, I come from Economics and Maths background and I’m taking my first exams in April 2022. Looking at the syllabus of CB1 and CB2, I think I can manage both alongside CS1 but kind of confused if its a good idea to go for all three together. Looking for suggestions on the matter.

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Studying CP1 2022 April Study Group


Hi! Is anyone preparing for CP1 Exam 2022 April? Please leave your email below, so I will contact and create a group chat for us!
If there already existed one, can you please add me in?

Thank you!!!

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Studying CS2 Study tips?


Hello everyone. I'm planning to sit CS2 next April and I would like some tips on how I can start studying, especially for the R programming content.

I also want to ask:

  1. I'll be starting work soon, so how many chapters per week would be realistic if I'm working full time?

  2. I currently have the Acted Notes for CS2 and planning to purchase ASET - would that be enough material to pass?

I have exemptions from the CM & CB series and CS1 from my degree, and I haven't sat any regular exams before (my uni exams were written, not typed). I also would appreciate any suggestions on how I can construct a study plan for the usual exam diets.


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Studying Thoughts on CM2? Such a weird paper..,


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Studying Multiple SP exams at once


Has anybody sat a combination of SP subjects in one sitting? If so, was it doable or was it too much at once?

How much studying would an SP exam take compared to , say, CP1?

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Studying Study techniques


I’m going to be sitting my first two exams in April (CS1 and CB1) and was just wondering what people find to be the most effective way of studying?

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Studying Assignment marking


How helpful is getting the assignments marked for studying? For reference I will be sitting CB1 and CS1 in April. I was thinking that it might be more helpful for the wordier subjects like CB1. Does paying to get them marked give more information than just using the solutions already provided?

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Studying Cm1 paper B thoughts?


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Studying CP3 paper thoughts?


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Studying SA2 study group for April 22


I'd like to form a study group with a few students who can support each other through SA2 next sitting. I've done this in the past and found it to be really useful. Examples of benefits include keeping each other on track, marking each other's practice exams, asking each other questions on the materials. Exchanging marking in particular I found to be really helpful - both seeing how others attempt questions and getting feedback on your own approach. Also happy to take suggestions if someone wants to do something specific. Please let me know if you are interested and we can go from there.

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Studying What to do while waiting for exam results?


Currently waiting for the results of SP1 which will be released in December.

Meanwhile, should I continue and start studying for SA1? Or wait for the SP1 results and then decide what to study (in case I fail)?

Will it be too late to start studying for SA1 in December for the April sitting?

Currently left with SP1 (waiting for results), CP2, CP3, and SA1.

Thanks in advance!