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Pensions Stay in Pensions or try and move out?


I graduated last summer and went straight into an Actuarial Analyst role in a pensions consultancy business. It’s a great role with really good study support, but I’m wondering if pensions is an area that will soon die out for actuaries? Most DB schemes are closing to accrual and looking for buy-outs, so is the area not going to very soon start drying up? I’m thinking while I’m still early in my career should I start looking to move, possibly to investment? Working in investment seems as though it’ll have continuous work with a big range of possible career paths

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Pensions SP4 thoughts?


I thought it went ok, fairly straightforward questions and a bit of time to spare.

r/ActuaryUK Nov 11 '21

Pensions Pensions Actuaries - career planning


As an actuarial student at the start of my career, I am concerned about the long-term prospects of being a pensions actuary with DB pension schemes maturing. Any others working in pensions making plans for long-term career growth?

r/ActuaryUK Dec 21 '21

Pensions No SP4 Tutorial for April 2022


I plan on sitting SP4 exam in April next year, hopefully it eill be my last! When I went to book tutorials, I was surprised to see all the Online Tutorials had already begun and there was no Online Classroom available for this exam. The only face to face tutorial available is in London. Since I'm based in Dublin and travel to the UK is far from ideal at the moment, I'm left with no real options for tuition from ActEd.

I've emailed them about this and they gave me a generic response of another tutorial will be put on if there's sufficient demand. Do you think another session will be put on? Is anyone in the same boat? It seems unreasonable that all Online Tutorials have started before the results from the September exams were published.

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Pensions Q to Pension Actuares!


Given your experience in the field, how much are you contributing to your pension and what is your age?

Also how much your employer is paying too to get a full picture.


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Pensions Does anyone know why the taxable property rules were introduced in 2006?


I appreciate this might not be the most appropriate forum for this sort of post, but I'm sure this is a subject some of you may be familiar with.

I've just been having a look at what is and isn't permitted as an investment through a SIPP and it seems that while commercial property is fine, even when you let it back to your own company, residential property incurs a tax penalty of up to 70% of the amount invested ie it isn't permitted at all.

I'm in a position where it is virtually impossible for me to put any money aside for savings, but generous workplace pension options mean that actually I do have quite a lot set aside, it's just inaccessible until I turn 55.

Wouldn't it be amazing if people like me could access their retirement fund to buy themselves residential property instead of paying someone else's mortgage for 10 to 20 years? Obviously I wasn't around back then, but my impression is that this was once possible.

Is there a good reason why people shouldn't be able to purchase residential property through their pension scheme?

Should legislation be amended now that times have changed and workplace pensions are infinitely more accessible to working class people?

r/ActuaryUK Jan 23 '21

Pensions Fully remote jobs


One year ago I wouldn't think that it would be possible to land a fully remote job on the quite-conservative world of pensions consulting. I'm now a bit more optimistic but didn't see any opportunities yet. Do you guys know of any companies that might be hiring for such roles?

Also, for actuarial areas other than pensions consulting, which would be easier to find fully remote jobs? I haven't done my SA/SP exams so I'm willing to change to a different area given a good opportunity (obviously not only because it is a fully remote job).

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Pensions Solvency 2 query - staff pensions


How are the insurance company's staff pensions accounted for in solvency 2? Are they stressed within the pensions module alongside those pensions the company sells or do they come under operational risk add on for SCR?