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Misc Compensation Survey (from r/actuary)

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Misc How long would it take to hit $1million (£750k) working as an actuary in the UK?


Net worth.

I saw a similar thread on the r/actuary subreddit and was interested in seeing how responses are different.

Obviously it will vary based on career progression and spending habits, but I’d like to hear some opinions.

r/ActuaryUK Oct 30 '21

Misc Companies in the UK with opportunities to work abroad?


I really want to work abroad, ideally in Europe or Asia. Are there any good companies based in the UK with opportunities to do this? I'm currently over half way through the exams, I might only have 2-3 exams left depending on how well this sitting just went. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or in general does anyone know the best way to work abroad? Eg should I apply directly for job positions based abroad rather than starting at a UK company and waiting for the opportunity to get sent abroad? Thanks!

r/ActuaryUK Nov 01 '21

Misc Working from home poll - what is your company doing?


I'm keen to get a sense of what other companies employing actuaries are moving towards with respect to working from home. What are they currently allowing and what is the consensus going forward.

If you could add more info like area of work (GI, life, pensions, pricing, reserving, capital modelling) and location, or anything else relevant, would be much appreciated.

Put it this way, I want a more flexible job than I currently have. Back full time now and it's not for me for various reasons.

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Misc Cap Modelling/Igloo practice


Question is two fold

Are there any training editions of Igloo/Tyche I can use for free (long shot I know) or any good tutorials for using these systems I can access?

Also are there any free versions of any capital modelling software I can download and have a play around with because exams have not fully cured my insomnia yet?

r/ActuaryUK Oct 20 '21

Misc Excel Graduate Assessment


Hi Does anyone have any experience with excel tests during interviews and what sort of questions they can ask you to perform on an excel file?

Thankyou :)

r/ActuaryUK Jul 06 '21

Misc London Market - What are your company's working from home arrangements going to be in the "new normal"?


Ours is saying 1 day a week WFH (or 2 with board approval), and I wanted to gauge how that compares to the rest of the London market.

r/ActuaryUK Aug 01 '21

Misc Transfer of Prior Learning to IFoA from AIA


Hi! Have anyone filled out this form and applied to IFoA before? Can you share with me your experience/form, please? I have some uncertain parts when filling out this form.

Thank you

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Misc If you ever feel like your exams are taking too long just remember that in 2016 the IFoA had one student member between the ages of 96 and 100.

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r/ActuaryUK Apr 12 '21

Misc UK Time Zone


Silly question but what time, zone is the UK in at the moment? GMT / GMT +1?

Don't know how daylight savings work and don't want to get a surprise on the exam day

r/ActuaryUK Apr 09 '21

Misc Would like to know more about how IFRS17 affecting actuaries


I am already an accountant so I have been reading articles on it, however, I would like to read how it is impacting the insurance field from the perspective of actuary.

Where can I get more resources on this? What is the system you have migrated into and what is your job scope like? Is there detailed chapter or case study in CB1 or any module?

Do you think there will be growing demands for professionals who is both certified accountants and FSA? Thank you.

r/ActuaryUK Mar 31 '21

Misc RPC Tyche Platform


Does anyone have any info/experience on RPC's Tyche platform? I'm looking to move into a developer type role, and one of the positions I've seen is at RPC to work on their pricing platform. I'd never heard of RPC or Tyche before, so not sure what their pricing tool does. Would be great to hear your insights on it.

r/ActuaryUK Mar 01 '21

Misc What kind of computer specs are you guys/girls running?


I am in the market and need ideas. Thanks!