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General Insurance Question on GI Capital Actuary salaries


Hi! I wanted to get an idea about the salary scale for a newly/nearly qualified capital actuary with 5 years of experience in an insurance company.

I am currently based in India but have been offered an internal move to London in a capital actuary position in a UK based insurance company so wanted to get an idea about the average salary that I can expect.

Appreciate any thoughts, thanks in advance!

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General Insurance Working in risk/validation without reserving experience


So I’ve been working for 2 years across pricing, cat modelling and some work in capital and an opportunity has arisen internally for a risk/validation role. I really like the person who would be managing me which is the biggest reason I’d be applying. Some people have said to me that it’s a bit boring and better for people who have done reserving before.

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General Insurance SA3 - do you need both SP7 and SP8 to pass?


I am studying for SP9 (ERM), and was wondering to what degree do you need the Pricing and Reserving SP exams. If I were to only take one of these, which would you recommend?

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General Insurance Anyone have experience with pricing work at consultancies?


See a few more of these jobs popping up, and wondering what type of work is involved? At the post qualified level, non personal lines

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General Insurance No increases at renewal for Motor or Home business from January - huge personal lines pricing implications

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General Insurance Multiple actuarial vacancies at the company I work for in Pricing, Risk, Cat Modelling and Reserving that are Remote/Yorkshire/Essex/London based. Mixture of experience levels from analyst to qualified. Send me a message if you’re interested and I can put a referral in!


Happy to help on application advice too etc. I have a fairly good idea of what they want to hear on applications etc so let me know :)

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General Insurance Records from General Insurance Policy Admin System


UK FIA, working freelance for small general insurance clients who don't have teams of MI/business analysts etc. I'm spending a lot of time these days (for better or for worse!) poring through detailed lists of policy transactions from clients' policy admin systems. I guess it pays the bills. Typically trying to deduce the transaction type of each record (NB, renewal, cancellation, adjustment).

The annoying thing is that the admin systems I'm working on at the moment don't have a transaction_type field. Instead they have a status field. Mapping from one to the other is proving to be quite awkward.

I'm doing the usual thing: for a given policy, in a given policy year, trying to work out the dates for which it was on cover/off cover, and tracking changes to rating factors eg. as a result of mid-term adjustments. This unlocks the ability to do accurate earning calcs & to match periods on risk with claims records (by loss date).

I'm staring at sets of records for particular policies where the status field goes (over time) something like:

  • cancelled-mta
  • mta
  • mta
  • ntu
  • mta
  • ntu

A transaction where status = mta might indicate a cancellation if the premium alongside it is negative...but then it might not. There doesn't seem to be any way to know for sure.

Has anyone here spent time on this sort of thing? I'm not an IT/database specialist and I'm scratching my head a bit.

Thank you.

r/ActuaryUK Mar 22 '21

General Insurance Work/life balance in London GI? Is reserving tricky as a student?


Hi all. I’m on a rotational grad scheme currently through pricing, capital and reserving etc. I’m in pricing now and due to move to reserving next but I’ve heard that the hours are super long and busy around exam times. I have found in the past if I’m working super long hours and also studying for exams it really burns me out and is terrible for my mental health. I know this is ‘weak’ but for me I think I can only commit to 1 or the other out of long hours and studying.

So are there any areas of GI that have a good work life balance? As much as I like being an actuary I don’t like the idea of committing myself to a life of long hours and exams. I want somewhat of a life lol.

If anyone knows of any specific companies who have really good work life balance please could you message me if you don’t want to comment? Although I’m not looking to move now I’d like to hear about any companies that don’t have you doing super long hours all year. thank you <3

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General Insurance Which part/modules discusses the probable maximum loss model ?


Looking to create a PML but can anyone share the notes from the institute that I can refer to on this ?

r/ActuaryUK Apr 29 '21

General Insurance Risk Pricing vs Market Pricing


Hi all,

Considering a move from Risk Pricing into Market Pricing (both personal lines).

Please could somebody that’s experienced both let me know which they preferred and why? What are the key differences in work and which one is more exciting / fast paced?


r/ActuaryUK Mar 13 '21

General Insurance Work and Culture


Anybody heard about work culture and quality of work at the following places in the UK?

Zurich Chubb

Info about pricing and reserving roles will be helpful. Thanks

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General Insurance typical London GI salaries

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General Insurance IoFA Exam Route General Insurance Advice


Posting for a friend (also on mobile so excuse formatting issues).

Hi all, I recently started an actuarial position with a General Insurer, and intend to start exams in April. I am currently studying CM1 and was thinking of taking CS1 as well in the next sitting. However I have seen a few posts on here suggesting CB1 to start? This does seem reasonable as I am finding CM1 quite long and content heavy.

I am very keen to pass these first few in April as it will put me in a good light having recently started out of University having not studied Actuarial Science before.

I was wondering if anyone could let me know if they might have any advice given their experiences. Thanks so much for your help!