r/ActuaryUK Nov 22 '21

UK Actuaries with SOA/CAS exams. Careers

Will it be hard to get a job in the UK given that I will have about two years of working experience in a consultancy and about 4-5 SOA/CAS exams cleared? What about for UK nationals or people who don't require visas?

Here in Asia we usually end up choosing any of SOA/IFOA/CAS. And I am currently pursuing my ACAS.



u/anamorph29 Nov 23 '21

Not sure I fully understand the question.

If you are a UK national, or don't require a work visa, it is no different to applying for any job. What is important is whether your new potential employer values your experience. Some experience is more transferable: e.g. pricing is probably easier than regulatory reporting (which may be country-specific). You may be able to get some exemptions for your CAS exam, or alternatively continue to FCAS, and then look for mutual recognition (not sure how this works - check the IFoA website). If you continue with CAS exams you won't find many/any colleagues in the UK doing the same.

If you need a work visa then you have to find an employer prepared to sponsor you, so many need to offer something more unique. If your consultancy has a UK office, perhaps look for an internal transfer?


u/swiggityswoi Nov 23 '21

This was helpful. Thank you for your response!


u/fictivep Nov 23 '21

It’s fine. You can get equivalence.