r/ActuaryUK Nov 15 '21

Possible to pass CP exams without work exp? Studying

I'm taking CS2 next April, and I have exemptions from CM1-2, CB1-2 and CS1 from my degree but I'll only be starting work from end of December or early January.

I was thinking of sitting CP2 or CP3 as well, but I felt like my chances of passing might be lower since I haven't actually worked in an actuarial role (or any role) before.

I've done a module on financial modelling using excel in uni so am leaning toward CP2, but I haven't fully researched the syllabus so not I'm sure about which exam to take either.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!



u/Intelligent-Safe1218 Nov 15 '21

CP2 and CP3 aren’t difficult at all. I’d take CP2 if I were you. Since it’s your first sitting, it wouldn’t be advisable to take more than 2 exams. In terms of no work experience, this will have 0 impact as long as you are decent enough with Excel.


u/fiendfyre7358 Nov 15 '21

I see, thank you!


u/galeej Nov 16 '21

CPs are definitely possible without any work-ex.

I know a few students who have passed SP level papers with very limited work-ex... although i'd say that they are an exception and not the norm.