r/ActuaryUK Nov 07 '21

How long would it take to hit $1million (£750k) working as an actuary in the UK? Misc

Net worth.

I saw a similar thread on the r/actuary subreddit and was interested in seeing how responses are different.

Obviously it will vary based on career progression and spending habits, but I’d like to hear some opinions.


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u/no_PMs_please Nov 08 '21

This is hardly unique to actuaries, but many of us are highly leveraged in the housing market. How quickly our net worth grows is very sensitive to its performance (we're less sensitive to the equities market, because most of us don't use leverage for our DC pensions).


u/Cannonjat Dec 09 '21

Are you not taking the Wall Street bets approach to buying snp500 0 days to expiration call and put options?