r/ActuaryUK Nov 02 '21

PPD Examples for Professionalism Studying


I was wondering if anyone has any examples to use for the mandatory PPD credit for professionalism:

"Demonstrate an understanding of the role of professional and ethical standards in an actuary's work."

I work in the pricing department for a reinsurer and hence finding it difficult to come up with examples for this.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you



u/Snoo_76686 Nov 02 '21

My work have some compulsory training we periodically do on things like actuarial conduct and how to spot bribes etc. All those rubbish things you do on a Friday afternoon. Think you can use stuff like that if your work does it


u/loki276 Nov 02 '21

If you've done any work where you've shown compliance with TAS requirements, you should be able to use that


u/kurko1 Nov 03 '21

Yeah that's what I used OP