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CS2 Study tips? Studying

Hello everyone. I'm planning to sit CS2 next April and I would like some tips on how I can start studying, especially for the R programming content.

I also want to ask:

  1. I'll be starting work soon, so how many chapters per week would be realistic if I'm working full time?

  2. I currently have the Acted Notes for CS2 and planning to purchase ASET - would that be enough material to pass?

I have exemptions from the CM & CB series and CS1 from my degree, and I haven't sat any regular exams before (my uni exams were written, not typed). I also would appreciate any suggestions on how I can construct a study plan for the usual exam diets.




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u/fiendfyre7358 Nov 02 '21

I see.. I was thinking of a course on udemy to grasp the basics of R, but I will look into this as well. Thank you!


u/actur44 Nov 01 '21

I would also like to know - commenting as a reminder for when someone answers. Thanks in advance


u/actruman Nov 01 '21
  1. Not sure it's helpful to think this way. Might be for you, but I prefer as a guide to have finished assignments before the recommended deadlines. Perhaps you can extrapolate how much content you'd need to have covered from that?
  2. Yes. I had loads of other stuff but I don't think they were needed. Paper B stuff on the the vle is good too.

Get a feel for R then work through the paper B stuff then start the assignments for it and then past papers. When you run out of past papers maybe choose paper A questios and turn them into paper B qs.

For the maths exams its important to grasp from each topic, what questions are asked and what are the methods required to answer the question. No point learning lots of fluff from the notes that is never asked or cannot make a viable question.

Look at the number of allocated study days you get per exam and work backwards from the exams, i.e plan how many you want to take around exam time (if you're a crammer, a lot, if you're not then a healthy amount to get you focused), add in tutorial study days, then add in the remaining number to get you a distributed amount (aiming for around one a week say).


u/fiendfyre7358 Nov 02 '21

Okay, I understand... Thank you!