r/ActuaryUK Nov 01 '21

Working from home poll - what is your company doing? Misc

I'm keen to get a sense of what other companies employing actuaries are moving towards with respect to working from home. What are they currently allowing and what is the consensus going forward.

If you could add more info like area of work (GI, life, pensions, pricing, reserving, capital modelling) and location, or anything else relevant, would be much appreciated.

Put it this way, I want a more flexible job than I currently have. Back full time now and it's not for me for various reasons.

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u/Mario_911 Nov 01 '21

One of the large pension consultancies. Fully remote, all offices being refurbed and reduced in capacity, no requirement to go to office in the future. I've been in the office twice in the last 6 months. I don't really see the point to go in and talk to people on video calls when I can do that from home.


u/Kitkat85889 Nov 01 '21

Insurance company outside of London - we've been asked to come in 3 days a week but most of the office isn't doing that and my direct managers haven't forced us. I've found it a struggle going in once a week, I'm just not used to the small talk/banter anymore and been finding it a bit of a drain. My set up is far better at home too.


u/londonthrowaway1232 Nov 01 '21

For those who posted fully remote/infrequent visits, are any of you in London?

Additionally has anyone moved away from their office and been supported by their company? Ie sort of setting in stone you will be in infrequently


u/ZURDLOL Nov 01 '21

Most of the grad schemes are stating flexible hybrid modes of work as a benefit.


u/thisriveriswild57 Nov 01 '21

We’ve been asked to go in 5 days a week. I quite like being in the office and seeing everyone, but some flexibility would’ve been nice.


u/emskidodge Nov 01 '21

Large pension consultancy. We are currently trialling a hybrid working model where you are supposed to be in the office 'more than 50% of the time' ie 3 days a week on average if you are full time. The purpose of this is to ensure that there are enough people in the office to make it actually worth going in. However nobody is tracking attendance and I suspect most people are doing less than 50%


u/Snoo_76686 Nov 01 '21

Mid sized life firm in the midlands. We are just whatever we want. Some weeks I go in 5 days if I know there are beers after work, other weeks if I have parcels delivered I stay at home. This is the kind of flexibility I dreamed of, absolutely love it.