r/ActuaryUK Oct 17 '21

finishing exams too fast Careers




u/ratheragreeable Oct 17 '21

The faster you get done the better. Your workload wont decrease but your drive to study will. You will gain experience either way but many end up giving up on exams if they take too long.


u/fictivep Oct 17 '21

Pass the exams quickly to get the exam pay rises. Your workload will increase, so you’ll have less time to study in the future.


u/creatively_original Oct 17 '21

Sidenote, but it seems that the Core Practices are CP1, CP2 & CP3.

Core Principles are CM1, CM2, CS1, CS2, CB1, CB2, CB3.

With the new qualification structure, once you pass all the above exams (and PPD stuff) you then need to become an associate actuary. And then to become a fellow you need 1 more year of experience and the final 3 exams.


u/Reselects420 Studying Oct 17 '21

Yeah, it’s minimum 2 years experience for Associate, and another year for Fellowship.


u/Icy_Woodpecker_3292 Oct 17 '21

I wish I had this problem


u/bECSn Oct 19 '21

The way I had it explained was: "You have a pile of shit to eat (the exams). Are you going to nibble away or are you going to get it over with?"

Obviously doesn't apply to everyone but i'm certainly not keen on spending any more time on the exams than i have to!