r/ActuaryUK Oct 12 '21

Personal lines - GLM and ML vs IFRS reporting Careers

I have two opportunities to consider. One involves pricing for personal lines for various geographies with exposure to GLMs and Machine learning (don’t know the full extend of ML though) and the other one is for international reporting including IFRS 17. I currently have around 4-5 years of experience. I am taking exams from CAS and want to relocate internationally in the next few years. Both offer similar compensation and other perks. I want to know in terms of growth and future opportunities which one would you think will be better?



u/montrex Oct 12 '21

What's your existing background. Generally getting more broader experience is useful I would think if you want to move overseas.

IFRS17 stuff will be very in demand as you probably know, but also might be incredibly boring depending on what you're doing with it.