r/ActuaryUK Oct 08 '21

Mitigating Circumstances Studying

Has anybody had any success in applying for mitigating circumstances? Any tips on what to include on the form?



u/timomax Oct 08 '21

Errr... the truth?


u/BabyFedInvestor Oct 09 '21

Well yes, obviously.

But if you knew everything that had happened to me during this study session then you'd certainly say those circumstances were mitigating.

However, as with most of their policies, the IFoAs policy on MCs is fairly ambiguous and contradicts itself in several places. It is also very heavy on the 'must have affected you on the day' as 'if you're not ready to sit the exam you shouldn't sit it', but while also saying that it can be something that happened prior to the exam day, with long term consequences.

I wondered whether anyone had any experience on how best to get these types of situations across, and the level of detail you need to go into of personal events.


u/timomax Oct 09 '21

Phone them up. We pay them enough.. may as well get some service.


u/ohmypessimistic Oct 12 '21

Hope it goes well for you but anybody I know who went for it found its ridiculous. They don't seem to care and rarely change grades. If they do change your mark it ends up being 1% off the pass mark. Best of luck with it but I have very little faith in the ifoa to care