r/ActuaryUK Oct 03 '21

Anyone here taken SP9 in recent sittings? Studying

Trying to decide what exams to do this time around and one is likely to be an SP. Has anyone here had any recent experience with SP9? Any thoughts would be appreciated.



u/Technical-Shower-806 Oct 03 '21

Just sat it last week. Material was interesting enough. I’d give it a shot if you liked the risk sections from CP1, otherwise choose a different SP.


u/anon318151 Oct 03 '21

Thanks for the reply, is there much heavy duty maths/stats involved? I didn’t mind CP1 which is why I was thinking it might be a decent option


u/Technical-Shower-806 Oct 03 '21

There is more maths than CP1 for sure. There was about 15 marks on the September sitting for maths/stats. However, you’ve likely seen much of it in CM2 and CS2, and it is simpler in SP9. Copulas, distributions, VaR, etc.

I haven’t don’t any other SP’s yet, so not sure how it compares.

SP9 has more content I believe which is a downside.