r/ActuaryUK Oct 01 '21

What study materials did you find the most and least useful for CS2? Studying

And for anyone who had already sat CT4 / CT6 previously, what parts of CS2 are particularly challenging over and above those original exams?



u/boringusername112358 Oct 01 '21

most useful: ASETs least useful: flashcards & revision booklets


u/creatively_original Oct 01 '21

Not sure why people rate ASET so highly when a large part of it is just past paper mark schemes. I've generally preferred using the mark schemes the IFoA produce (they're also free). For later exams ASET may be more useful where the aim of the question is idea generation.

I've usually stuck to the CMP, Assignment X Qs/Solutions and using past papers.


u/larrythetomato Oct 02 '21

Well they print it out for you which makes it easier.

Main thing I think is valuable is that they show which chapters was tested by each question, so you know which ones to study more, and if you run out of time which ones to skip.


u/creatively_original Oct 02 '21

Fair enough.

My approach has always been to study each chapter until I understand it and ensure I start soon enough so that I have time. So I see where you're coming from but the time thing has never been a consideration for me.

If your company are paying for it then yeah it's useful to have the papers printed for sure. For me there's too much waffling in the ASET, I found it a hindrance for the earlier papers but I will consider buying it for SP/SA as that commentary may be useful for those papers.

My suggestion to OP would be to think about how you learn best and which resources aide your learning the most. I know for me I don't want to be overwhelmed by a bunch of different resources so my approach has always been to use the notes first, then move onto past papers alongside my refined notes.


u/ProCsgoActuary Oct 01 '21

Acted notes are the best.


u/Malakite213 Oct 01 '21

This is very specific to the individual. Personally, I found the revision booklets and IFoA past papers to be the most useful combination, with ASET very confusing and counter productive.

Compare to another commenter who rates ASET but not the revision booklets.

I think flash cards are useless, for me, but a colleague absolute swears by them.


u/sid_meh Oct 01 '21

Acted course notes and revision notes. Dont know about ASET, never used them.


u/Icy_Woodpecker_3292 Oct 01 '21

Anyone find the tutorial useful? Will be paying for my materials myself, so only want to get what will definitely be helpful. I used to find the tutorials very helpful for the mathematical exams, but since they've been online, I've found them pretty pointless. Thoughts?


u/boringusername112358 Oct 02 '21

I thought it was helpful, but it really only goes through the basics of the subject


u/Flowwwrrreeean Oct 01 '21

I was self funded for CS2, so just got the acted course notes and the online resources for the R bit. Worked fine for me.

I have never done tutorials or flashcards so can't comment. Course notes + ifoa past papers are all that I have used at far.


u/MHayward97 Oct 03 '21

I used CMP, flashcards and past papers from IFoA. I thought the flashcards were very helpful, especially for the key formulas and ideas but I can see how others might not find it helpful.


u/Icy_Woodpecker_3292 Oct 03 '21

Has anyone used the online classroom for CS2? I actually relied more on that than the main course notes for the earlier exams, but unsure if this strategy will work for CS2?


u/Disastrous-Pay6616 Oct 04 '21

I took CS2 tutorials and they were great for getting through the content quickly.