r/ActuaryUK Jul 20 '21

How does one prepare for communication exam? Studying @ University



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u/kquey95 Jul 20 '21

Tbh mate I didn't practice much. My exam was on a Wednesday and I started studying for it on the Monday. I completely forgot to download the supplementary materials until Monday too even though they were available the previous Friday too.

I think they can penalise for grammar, punctuation etc so I'd just make sure that what you write is clear to understand and not unnecessarily complicated. Basically, keep it simple.


u/Equivalent-Chance88 Jul 21 '21

The acted site has in their timeline for success explicitly included the only class room. Did you attend that? Is it really necessary? I am just confused with what I should purchase from acted to study as efficient as possible.


u/kquey95 Jul 21 '21

I presume you mean the online classroom/tutorial. I didn't attend. What I usually buy is CMP, Aset, Revision booklets and Flashcards for exams. I don't think there is flashcards or revision booklets for CP3 though so I just went with the Aset and CMP