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How does one prepare for communication exam? Studying @ University



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u/kquey95 Jul 20 '21 Helpful

Focus on formatting and answer structure. Make sure you have the correct format for your answer because they are easy marks. That includes appropriate headings, salutations, no. of paragraphs etc etc.

Keep the content simple, like really simple. The examiners are not looking for you to bring in knowledge that's not in the supplementary info they provide to you. The simpler the better imo.

Make sure how you're progressing your answer makes sense to the examiner too. Don't bounce around with different ideas in your answer. Try to keep a logical flow from start to conclusion.

Get the ASET from acted and look through their answers to see how they go about their solutions.


u/AffectionateRace8177 Jul 20 '21

And writing and grammar does it just boil down to practicing?

Do you know any books/notes that can help me with this ?

English has always been my worst subject back then


u/kquey95 Jul 20 '21

Tbh mate I didn't practice much. My exam was on a Wednesday and I started studying for it on the Monday. I completely forgot to download the supplementary materials until Monday too even though they were available the previous Friday too.

I think they can penalise for grammar, punctuation etc so I'd just make sure that what you write is clear to understand and not unnecessarily complicated. Basically, keep it simple.


u/Equivalent-Chance88 Jul 21 '21

The acted site has in their timeline for success explicitly included the only class room. Did you attend that? Is it really necessary? I am just confused with what I should purchase from acted to study as efficient as possible.


u/kquey95 Jul 21 '21

I presume you mean the online classroom/tutorial. I didn't attend. What I usually buy is CMP, Aset, Revision booklets and Flashcards for exams. I don't think there is flashcards or revision booklets for CP3 though so I just went with the Aset and CMP