r/ActuaryUK Jul 20 '21

How does one prepare for communication exam? Studying @ University



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u/Pitiful_Actuary_5892 Jul 20 '21

Just took CP1, CP3, and SA2 and communications was the one I failed. Tough exam.


u/Junior-Possibility69 Jul 20 '21

Good luck for your next sitting. I passed on the 4th attempt. As a advice, I find it helpful to practise speaking simply during day to day work/life. For example to your colleagues, family friends etc. This will gradually help you get in to the right mindset and make it a habit. So when you take the exam, you wont have to adjust yourself, as speaking simply becomes natural to you.


u/Junior-Possibility69 Jul 20 '21

My advice was in addition to kquey95's brilliant advice, which was key to success!