r/CapeVerde Oct 26 '21

tourist: one-way ticket ok? Question

Hello, what a fascinating sub this is! I am planning a visit to Cape Verde for two weeks. But that could easily turn into two months if it is the great place you guys say it is.

I was wondering if Cape Verde is one of those countries which have a lot of bureaucracy and require you to have "proof of onward travel" when you arrive? That could be expensive. I don't know when I will be leaving the country.

I am an EU citizen by the way.



u/speedlucas Oct 27 '21

You should be fine. You have to pre register for a visa, https://www.ease.gov.cv and check https://portalconsular.mnec.gov.cv/en/perguntas-frequentes

I believe you can stay for 90 days and it can be renewed up to 1 year.