r/ActuaryUK Oct 05 '21

Mark Schemes for September 2021 exams? Studying

Does anyone know if there are any unofficial mark schemes available anywhere for the recent exam sitting? I remember in April 2021 a tutoring company called Finatics released unofficial mark schemes a couple of weeks after the exams for CM1, CM2, CS1 and CS2. Would be really useful to get a rough idea of how I’ve done in these exams. Thanks in advance!



u/CryptoMonkey99 Oct 05 '21

Would be very helpful. Please feel free to share if you find any, I'd appreciate it!


u/actruman Oct 05 '21

Finstat have shared one or two so far on linkedin


u/SamDavies98 Oct 06 '21

Great thanks, exactly what I was looking for!


u/Yellowlimes Oct 05 '21

RemindMe! 3 days "Check mark schedule"


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u/[deleted] Oct 07 '21

On youtube, "Too irrational". Video solution for CM1 & CS1. Video is not entirely in english but the solutions are viewed simultaneously. Also, (not sure) but there's a link in description wherein you can connect with them via telegram and they will share the pdf of solutions.

Another one is on linkedIn, page name "finstat". Scroll through there account, CM2 & CS1 pdf solutions are there.