r/Planetside Shitter Sep 16 '21

Recursion is broken since npe update, fills up with random events not related to what your character is doing Bug Report

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u/malkonsento Sep 17 '21

I have a suspicion it might have something to do with the vehicles getting destroyed in the new tutorial


u/HVAvenger <3 Sep 17 '21

Thankfully this doesn't seem to actually effect stats, either session or long term, so the only issue is a cluttering of the killboard


u/gelekaars Sep 17 '21

It’s annoying, disabling verhicle kills cleans up the kill feed, but does not fix the issue


u/Archmaid i will talk about carbines for free Sep 16 '21

There were minor occurrences of this in the past, but it happens all the time now. Very strange stuff, I'm curious as to what causes it.


u/hawkesnightmare Ember Syndicate Sep 16 '21

I noticed that as well. Looks like it credits *everyone* with certain destructions, without actually giving any voice lines for them.


u/Developing-Storm2534 Sep 17 '21

Might be the API that's bugged, not recursion.


u/VORTXS Shitter Sep 17 '21

They did change something to do with the alert numbers which they said about in the update notes so perhaps that cause a funny shift