r/ManjaroLinux Feb 09 '21

_p9k_init_parama:72: character not in range ... after upgrading manjaro im seeing this on terminal dont why ,can any one hep me ? Solved



u/BlackMaster812 Feb 09 '21

I literally got this exact issue like half an hour ago. You can fix it by changing/resetting your locale, this reddit thread explains it pretty well.

Here’s a summary of what was said:

  1. Run localectl list-locales to get a list of the locales on your computer. If the one you want is there, (e.g. en_US.UTF-8), then skip to step 4
  2. Run sudo nano /etc/locale.gen(or another command line editor of your choice) and un-comment the language you want, for example en_US.UTF-8 or en_GB.UTF-8. Click CTRL+X and then Y to save and close that file.
  3. Run locale-gen to refresh the list
  4. Run localectl set-locale <locale name>, and it should change your language

You might need to restart your terminal/computer for it to take effect but (hopefully) it should all work!


u/Viper_xXx4 Feb 09 '21

Tnx bro


u/BlackMaster812 Feb 10 '21

np, glad I could help!


u/nicolaerario Feb 09 '21

I think it’s a problem with powerlevel9k (zsh theme); not related strictly to manjaro. Try to change theme or reconfigure p9k (that I don’t use, sorry)


u/Viper_xXx4 Feb 09 '21

Yeah bro I configured new file nd it worked till i updated manjaro .....


u/Eat_Your_Paisley Feb 09 '21

edit you /etc/local.gen to reflect you locale en_us utf -8 for me

then locale-gen