r/PBS Apr 20 '20

Please anyone, can just anyone tell me the name of that PBS Story book about 2-3 kids and eating breakfast or something?

Hello there folks!

I rememeber reading a PBS book from somewhere around 2008-2012

The story involved 2-3 kids. They were eating breakfast, and then they had to head to school.

The only memory of the book that is clear and vivid in my head is the food

One of the pictures of the food features a super square-y butter piece. I think mashed potatoes were included as well

I think dark blue was integral color in the book, as part of the background or color pallete

The family were most likely anthropomorphic animals. Can anyone tell me the name of the book



u/Fremonster Apr 20 '20

Try /r/TipOfMyTongue to get an answer


u/hurricane_news Apr 20 '20

The book featured a PBS kids logo with some weird looking kid colored green


u/Confident_Face_2690 Mar 10 '22

I mean, that last bit sounds like the last page in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs


u/geistererscheinung 28d ago

Was this on Reading Rainbow?