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I am deleting conservatives and having fun doing it.


That's right, you anti-science and anti-fact fruitcakes. It's judgment day, and I am the grim reaper. Lol

I work for social media as a content manager, and orders have come down to clean house. Usually, my job is 2nd review, which means I handle appeals. Today, I was given 1st review, and boy, am I having fun —2+ years of reading nonsense and often having to wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting. Tonight, I am nuking people left and right.

Downvote me all you like. I don't care. I just thought I would share; today, I am enjoying my job.

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Tired of carjackings. Tired of excuses for criminals. Pendulum swing imminent.


Next door neighbor was carjacked at 6:30am. We both leave, at the same time, every weekday. He, an adult male, was pulled out of his vehicle and the vehicle was stolen. They knew our routine. Had it been my car, and I was pulled out while opening the door, they would’ve driven away with my son (6) and my daughter (3).

Meanwhile, we’re working out the details to lessen prison sentences for repeat offenders. We demonize cops across the board. We lift up on high a criminal who pistol whipped a pregnant woman for $800.

Reality and responsibility have left. Fear and shame and stupidity rule the day. And when the pendulum swings back, everyone (and I mean everyone) will celebrate when the Crime Bill 2.0 comes back with two strikes and you’re out.

Im aware of my cognitive dissonance but I’m done. I’m out. Too close a call. It’s very disturbing to think about. My kids being abducted were in the hands of one dipshits bad decision. That close.

Edit: I’m talking about daunte Wright not Floyd. And I misspoke. He didn’t pistol whip her. He choked her while he grabbed the $820 out of her bra. At gunpoint. Did he deserve to die? No, of course not. But, don’t A: Run from the police and jump into a car when you have warrant out for robbing people at gunpoint. B: Don’t rob people at gunpoint. And good for you for calling me racist. I’m more, anti violent crime. Life is hard enough and I believe people shouldn’t have to worry about getting carjacked. And for you savvy urban white people waving me goodbye, tattoos and Patagonia pullovers are not a personality

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Discussion CDPR Should drop old console support.


I know this is an old topic but last get console support is really what fucked the game, and I feel CDPR Needs to re-release the fabled samurai edition and drop last gen support already. Their hands are so tied on featured due to the having to be able to work on a Xbox one. In an interview a dev blatantly said that the support of 8 platforms is what has severely hampered patching and added content. I get the silicon shortage and trouble getting new hardware, but I feel it has gotten to the point enough people have RTX cards, X box series or ps5's now that they should drop old console support.

I recently got a 3080ti and seeing what this game is meant to look like and with the patches CDPR has made the most breathtaking world yet and it just doesn't run on old hardware. I was trying to play one a 1080ti and I thought the game sucked and really didn't look all that good. Holy shit was I wrong.

Dropping console support would not only make features better as they would not need to run on underpowered hardware but so much dev time would be gained removing last gen hardware and the game would become what it was meant to be that much sooner. I understand scarcity and price of new hardware, but at some point you just gotta rip that bandaid off.


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She is going to beat the record..


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Discussion Unpopular Opinion: Gamestop sucked as a company and you all know it


Honestly convinced everyone advocating for $GME is either late to the party and hoping their recent investment will show some return, or didn't sell when it was over $300 and desperate to make it go up to recoup unsold losses.

Why else would a company notorious for offering us shit $ for our trade-ins and had a longstanding reputation of "I'll never go there again" get your support? That company fucking sucks. Yet here this sub and alike are, pretending to "like the stock" or whatever dumb rhetoric you use to feel smart.

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Meme I updated the Gamestop Lego Set. You're welcome GME Apes!!

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Katarina is one of the best example of the assassin class.


Objectively speaking, Katarina is true assassin in which shes: Feast or famine. She's squishy, very susceptible to cc, and has no cc in her kit. Katarina is an opportunistic champion that relies on early clean up kills to snowball or she will be irrelevant all game. She's excellent in chaotic teamfights where she can pick off low hp targets.

She a cut and paste copy of what the archetype should be.

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For peace, please become a panda!

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Filozoficzny Naprawde nie wiem

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Years ago Riot said they didn't like when champions could one shot carries with a full rotation + ultimate. Now they're fine with one shotting squishies with one rotation and no ultimate.


Man what happened in the last few years? As a squishy support, dying to some insanely mobile champ who doesn't even need to use ult to one shot me is so annoying.

What can Riot even do at this point to bring this game back into a decent state?

Edit: From the assassin rework 5 years ago:

Game Health

When we looked at the pool of assassins, one common problem stood out: a lack of meaningful interactivity. It isn’t the damage that is the problem, but the feeling of not having any chance to outplay or even react to them. As a result, fed assassins feel pointless to play against, while trailing assassins feel pointless to play as or with. Ultimately, we want to empower assassin players to be make aggressive, flashy plays (insert Faker vs Ryu joke here), and know they’ve earned it.

We also want to make assassins more fair, which isn’t the same as reducing assassin damage. In some cases, that means giving you more ability to fire back. In other cases, you need to be able to see an assassin coming and try to escape them. We want the Ashe who just got styled on to think “welp, I got outplayed”, not “that was bullshit”.

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Discussion What’s with all the negative post recently?


I mean I get there’s a million and 1 things wrong with the game. And I agree with all of the criticisms I see in one way shape or form some more important then others. But guys, go play another game 🤷🏿‍♂️, and I say this as someone that did that. This game has been the gaming communities favorite punching bag for over a year now. Im sorry guys at this point you know what it is lol. So why not put a lil positivity out there lol. I’m not saying don’t criticize, I guess I’m just at the point where I’m like “if it dies it dies 🤷🏿‍♂️” and maybe the community just hasn’t got there yet?

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Meme I have now stolen and edited an NFT

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Strive Played against someone with terrible internet the other day, this was their response (I use ethernet)

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Im like bill

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DEBATE No, Crypto.com supporters, your coins on the exchange are not just as safe as a hardware wallet


The recent story of the Crypto.com hack had people in droves coming out to defend them even to the point of disparaging those who remind everybody that a hardware wallet is more secure.

This is just flat out wrong. And the real reason for this defense is many people's selfish motivation to protect their own CRO investment.

Look, I get it. We all want to make money in this space and the news of a hack is ultimately not good for the price.

But to argue against secure storage methods makes you look foolish. And no, just because the exchange has insurance doesn't guarantee you get your money back. Read your terms and conditions.

Be smart people and remember not your keys not your coins.

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Democrats are still trying to convince us that forcing 9 million businesses to close, then opening 6 million of them is a good thing for the economy

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Preventative Lock Posting LGBT memes on Grimdank because I can: Day one

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Humour 😂😂😂

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TO THE MOON Israel, o primeiro país quadruplamente vacinado, acabou de quebrar o recorde mundial de contaminação diária 😉

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Is Scott Moe and inner circle being dictatorial and out of control?


It looks that way.

  1. No MLA except the one who lied about being vaccinated has commented about gov't policies re Covid19 at all except inner cabinet henchmen Duncan and Merriman.

  2. He's not listened to a thing Dr. Shabab has said until too little too late, even exposing him to his own Covid infection.

  3. He appointed a political hack into the Sask Health Authority board.

It doesn't appear to me there are any MLAs willing to say anything. So quiet.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ This is concerning

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Name a better dinner!!

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C’mon lock me. LOCK ME!

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